Merging same instruments to one player - Dorico 4

I’ve imported three separate Music XML files from Cubase 12 into a new Dorico 4 project as three flows. Each has an organ part called ‘Organ’. They appeared in the three flows as three different players: ‘Organ 1’ ‘Organ 2’ and ‘Organ 3’ each containing an instrument named Organ 1, 2 and 3.
I dragged the three instruments into one player named ‘Organ’. Individual organ part looks good for all three flows. However problem is full score shows ‘Organ 1’ Organ 2’ and ‘Organ 3’ staff names. How can I merge these three organ instruments into one organ instrument please, or alter staff names so they all say simply ‘Organ’? Clicking the three dots and editing either the instrument name or player name doesn’t do it.

My approach is to use Alt-M or Alt-N to move the notes to just one instrument, then delete the extra ones. It’s very quick and painless.

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Thank you Janus, very helpful. Didn’t realise Alt-N would shift between staves belonging to different parts. Using galley view and ‘select to end of flow’ made it as you say, quick and painless :slight_smile:

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