Metagrid 1.5 - Dorico integration

The new version of Metagrid now has built-in support for Dorico!

Excited to give this a whirl, and see if I can be even faster!

First impressions: You need to download this “View Set” to get started:

Seems to be labelled “Mac”, even though the post title says “Mac/Win”. You have to import it via DropBox; not sure if there’s another way.

After a few connection teething problems, it’s working well. It needs a few more buttons to be really useful, but the basic view set is a start.

Metagrid 1.5 for IPad has just been released. MetaPad 1.5 with built in Dorico support.

This has to be great news for all of us!

(PC and Mac)

BTW> I do NOT work for Metasystem.


You did not need to start a new thread for this.

After spending the evening with Metagrid:

It has a large, but not entirely complete, range of Dorico’s commands that you can use. Notably, the four Engraving mode tools (Graphical, Frames, Staff and Note Spacing) are absent, so you’ll have to assign key commands before using those keys as triggers in Metagrid. Longa and Maxima notes are also absent - a blow to Renaissance fans.

The bundled View Set clearly needs some work. There’s not much point in having buttons for the popovers, as you’ve got to type stuff in anyway. The Note Value section lacks a button for dotted notes. Setup mode lacks New Players, new Flows, etc - though it’s easy enough to add all of these.

It can be difficult to find Dorico’s menu commands in Metagrid’s lists (New Solo Player is “Solo Player New”): however, it does have a search feature.

If I wanted to be ‘that guy’, the interface for editing is a bit taciturn and some reading of the manual is necessary. For some reason, all newly created buttons are hidden until you explicitly set a “show” switch.

Metagrid shows great promise as a macro/event trigger to speed up your workflow, but will require considerable setup. For instance, you could make a screen that’s a “one-stop-shop” for Note Entry – even including pitches. A screen full of the Filter types would be hugely useful. It’s possibly at its most useful for all the things I don’t have key shortcuts for. It can also trigger MIDI events, Text, etc.

I’m sure that someone with sufficient time on their hands will produce a decent View Set: and I might even be prepared to pay for one. But spending the time to set one up is not top of my To Do list right now.

As benwiggy mentions the view set for Dorico has a few omissions at the moment but having those pre-entered commands gave me a good starting point to expand upon. The standard Dorico shortcuts are included but if you have your own custom key commands you will be able to include them in your buttons as well. I’m sure there are experts here that use Stream Deck that will know for sure, that it works on a similar principle.

One area that I was particularly pleased about was the fact you can program Metagrid to run your own Dorico generated Macro’s. True – and it’s not that difficult to do. One ‘rule’ is the Macro you wish to use needs to be in your project folder, which is not the default “…Dorico 3/Script Plug-ins” path. After copying my Macro’s to my working folder it was relatively easy to configure the system to load and action them. I renamed my Macro’s, Macro1, Macro 2 etc,.and then it was easy to set up load commands and off you go. That alpha channel to zero Macro is my favourite – so far!

I personally started using Metagrid during the later stages of the public beta trials so have been using it for a little while. I have found it saves me a lot of time when I’m working.

Hope this helps.

PS. I’m sure it won’t be long before people are making and sharing their own sets and buttons. With a little bit of luck and experimentation I was able to create my own set for creating solo instruments. I have attached the view set to this post for anyone to download and use.
Create Solo (4.8 KB)

Indeed is a good oportunity this soft, but without a decent view set which actually could ease your work is a bit pointless.
For now it has the same comands that you can press with your mouse or your keyboard, but not complete tasks you could use.
I hope somebody will think about this stuff and help out :slight_smile:

Please can you tell me how you’ve managed to run your own macro from metagrid? I try to figure out, but the only solution I found is a bit complicated (asign shortcuts in keycomands code) and is a very slow proces. Maybe I can speed it up.

If you use Keyboard Maestro, you can run the item from Dorico’s Script menu using the “Select or Show A Menu Item” Action.

Here’s an example …

One of the advantages of the Metagrid / Keyboard Maestro setup is being able to trigger routines not just by Midi Note but also by Channel (from 1-16). This significantly expands the available number of triggers.

I may have this wrong, but I think Dorico’s midi learn function for keystrokes is currently limited to Note Number. It would be great if the channel and source could be specified as well.

This weekend I played around and modified, populated the Metagrid Dorico views. This way I think is maybe more useful. There are some pitfalls on the Metagrid and some on Dorico side, but a lot can be achieved with patience. (10.4 KB)


a View for Filtering (select/deselect)
DORICO_FILTER Select View by Denis Feletto (4.15 KB)