Metagrid for replacement of IC Pro?

So my iPad is 4th gen and I am not able to update to iOS 10.3.3 beta or 11. So I am not able to fix the connectivity problem with iOS and Cubase IC PRO. Has anyone used Metagrid with Cubase on a PC? Wondering if should just abandon ic PRO and move my button template to Metagrid.

I bought this thing and it works great. Takes a bit to set up and the integration is not as tight as the steinberg app (i.e. You have to set up a generic remote and set up macros in the device manager to trigger them) but once you do, it offers a lot of nice features like:

resizing of the grid to fit more buttons in
custom icons for buttons

Hopefully IC PRO is given an update and facelift soon.

I am new to all this remote and midi stuff.

Use CB 9 for audio but need some remote mainly for the Transport… start, stop etc.

What do I have to do to get this up and running. I am sorry but I am lost with your explanation above. Just a newby… :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Our testings with Apple’s official iOS 10.3.3 release are positive so far, and their update solves the iC Pro connectivity issue.
Please expect an official news update from us in a few days.


Sounds good…

Pro tools control is free and is much easier to set up. The big advantage ic pro has over both is the cue mix. It’s not something I use but if you its brilliant

Dear all,

On July 20, 2017, Apple released the latest iOS update version 10.3.3 and we are pleased to announce that this resolves former connectivity issues between Cubase iC Pro and supported Steinberg DAWs.

Please follow this link to learn more: