Metagrid Pro

Metagrid Pro, an IOS app, was launched yesterday. The app enables you to control programs from your iPad.

Metagrid Pro follows on from Metagrid which was launched back in 2017. The new program adds a lot of functionality including buttons with on/off states that can be grouped, buttons that act like Note On / Note Off keys, faders, the ability to add customised icons and work with your own colour palettes, and a flexible grid that brings space and separation into layouts.

Metagrid Pro Trailer

I’m in touch with the developers and have been working with MG Pro for a while. There is much to like about the new program - the depth to which you can customise objects and layouts is really good now - but for me, the addition of two-state buttons has been a real game changer. For example, I’m now able to have note entry (below) reflecting what is currently selected within Dorico.

There are more developments in the pipeline and the developers will shortly be turning their attention to the API opportunities in Dorico 4.

Well worth checking out.


Doesn’t want to connect to my Macbook Pro

MacOS 12.2.1
Metaserver 2.3.2
iOS 15.3.1 iPad Air 4

The ordinary Metagrid works fine though.

You’ll need Metaserver 3.0.0.

Does the original Metagrid version work with Dorico 4? I tried the free version last night with the basic set of app specific setups and as I pressed buttons it started launching different apps on my PC! Weird. It loaded up Revo uninstaller and then actually loaded up Sibelius while I was right in the middle of testing it with Dorico!. I did have a viewset which I was using with 1.7? It was working well but I read on the forum that there was something to do with the Dorico 4 Api or something which complicated compatibility with version 4. If I can, I guess I’d be quite happy with the first version if it will work with Dorico 4 which might save me $46.99 Australian dollars at the moment. Great app. Definitely will get it at some point soon I think. Cheers for the info! All the best, Simon

Hi Simon,

I have heard of users having a problem with this, but speaking for myself, the original Metagrid does work work with Dorico 4 - I’ve just checked out some of the buttons on the loaded Viewset while running 1.7. Which version of Metaserver are you running?

I don’t think the Dorico API is an issue at the moment as the Developers haven’t really opened up that area yet. You can use your old viewset; MetaGrid Pro enables you to import resources (viewsets, views and buttons) from previous version of MetaGrid. If you use Dropbox you should just copy the files between folders:

(MG) /viewsets → (MGPro)/workspaces
(MG) /views → (MG Pro)/grids.

Yep, works now. It doesn’t switch between screens when the focus changes though, eg I open Finder so it has the focus, but Metagrid doesn’t automatically change to its Finder screen. No big deal, but different to the older version of Metagrid.

Yes. Metagrid came with grids for Finder and other Programs. MG Pro focuses more on the DAW’s. If there are Viewsets or Grids that you would like to retain, you can export them from 1.7 (or earlier) and then import them into Profiles within MG Pro.

Hi David,

Decided to get Metagrid Pro as I use Cubase as well and I guess it’s more affordable than an Elgato Stream Deck XL! Do you have any particular customized view sets for Dorico 4 or should I be good to go with the stock one provided. I was using someone’s custom set from the Metagrid forum for 3.5 I think but can’t remember now how I got it setup… Hopefully going to try and get it working asap. Would be interested in your input if you have the time. No stress. All the best, Simon

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Hi Simon,

I’m currently building my viewsets for MG Pro and Dorico 4. MG Pro is a very different program to Metagrid so basically I’m starting from scratch again. Additionally, I use Keyboard Maestro for almost all the macros and many of those are currently very much tailored to my own setup. Examples: Windows open where I want them, saving items opens directories I need etc. Bottom line: it wouldn’t be right to share viewsets at the moment. When it is, I will definitely do so.

In the meantime I’ve a fair collection of Dorico related custom icons which I’m happy to share. If you’d like them, or want to chat further on working with MG Pro don’t hesitate to DM me and I will help however I can.

Best wishes,


Hi David,

I tried to DM you but there doesn’t seem to be a record of whether it’s sent or not so I thought I’d just write back. I’d be definitely keen to checkout the icons you’re working with as I’ll be trying to understand Metagrid Pro as part of a workflow with Dorico as well as Cubase. I watched the YouTube video on importing older version 1.7 view sets/grids so it’s starting to become a little clearer. I’m going to try and import my older template that I found on the Metagrid forums and see if I can get it up and running. I have connected Metaserver version 3 but when I went to import from Local Cache (maybe I’ll try Dropbox) the app crashed on the Dorico mvset I had on my iCloud folder. That’s about as far as I got.

Is the Dorico 4 json file required in Metaserver 3. It’s retained all my Cubase entries I had setup with loopmidi so I don’t know if I have to redo everything maybe to kind of make a fresh start. Otherwise I guess I can just leave it blank if that’s what is crashing the app. The default Dorico scene still opens up random apps on my Windows 10 machine which is quite strange! I’m sure Przemek is on the case and I trust Dorico implementation shouldn’t be too far away anyway. I try not to get too stressed about technology. My email is
If you wanted to pass me on those icons. Let me know if you did get that private message as maybe I did something wrong. I’ll look forward to seeing your workspace that you end up with and it would be great to look at how you use Metagrid Pro to enhance your workflow. I’ll keep trying and see how I go! Cheers and thanks for the support. All the best, Simon

Hi Simon,

Apologies, I’ve been busy. I’ll set up the icons and DM you as soon as I get a chance.


Another fine rabbit hole to disappear down…! Installed on new iPad, downloaded Metaserver onto MacBook Pro, double clicked to open, allowed in security prefs…Metagrid does not see the computer…bah humbug…annoying that there’s no indication whether or not Metaserver is running. Looked in Activity monitor and it’s showing up but no data used. Restart MacBook didn’t help so abandoning this one for now. Thanks for the tip but not a goer here.

OK so further investigation - couldn’t get it to see the MacBook at all, until I opened Dorico, then restarted Metagrid, now it sees it all the time. Odd , could be a useful app thanks!

Another fine rabbit hole to disappear down …


Good to hear you’ve got it up and running. You should be able to see Metaserver in the OSX menu bar (top right).


Hi David,
this is great!

I finally took the time to dedicate myself to Metagrid. I upgraded it to Premium and now I’m having a little fun customizing the icons. Although the selection is large and great, I noticed that I still miss some little things that I would like to use. By the way, I’m interested in how you made the icons that are visible in the attached photo.

All the best,

Hi Dominik,

I make the icons in Affinity Designer. Many are easy to make - I use the Text Tool in Designer to input content from Bravura. I work with a 256x256 grid, using a transparent background and try, as far as possible, to restrict icons to one colour only.

Best wishes,

Hi David,
thank you very much!

I even tried to do some elements in Engrave mode in Dorico, and then export them as a png file to load them as icons, but I guess this should be a lot better. I’ll have to try. Do you know if both versions have the same capabilities, the iPad compared to a desktop?

The price certainly seems affordable, and since there are fewer and fewer one-time paid services, I have more reason to try the software you suggested to me. Thanks again.

Hi Dominik.

This was from one of the mods on the Affinity Forum - this was back in 2018. I do have both versions and have made a few icons on the iPad but I find working on the desktop version much, much easier…

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Great, tkanks a lot.

I started playing with possibilities. I am currently using a trial period so I will decide. :slight_smile: It seems like quite extensive software.

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Hi David,

I created over 20 icons for MG Pro and just realized that there is a “Dorico icons” font within Affinity Design software. :smile: :upside_down_face: I noticed him completely by accident. But it doesn’t matter, things will be a lot easier now. :slight_smile:

Great software, by the way. Thanks for the recommendation.

All the best.

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I just bought Metagrid pro for use with Dorico 4 on a Windows 10 and have managed to get it going and connect the metaserver app to the dorico 4 keycommands JSON file.

So some buttons in the default Dorico set work OK but others still do not and trigger random external programs even. Note symbols in Dorico are triggered OK but things like playback buttons do not work as expected. it seems that Metagrid Pro is still not reading the keyboard commands file correctly.

Tried to register on the Metagrid forums but the registration process there does not seem to have worked properly for me.

Any thoughts on this much valued thanks