Metagrid with Cubase: You need to check this out.

I’ve been using this for several months now and thought I should post about it here, since it’s been a huge workflow enhancement. In a nutshell, assign any Cubase command, Macro, or chain of events to any button. If you have an iPad, you should definitely check this out.

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It’s insanely good.

@ Steve Helstrip

So where did you get 9.0.30 from?


Very customizable and faders coming soon.

It is indeed a great app. If you are a jack of all trades producer/composer/engineer type of guy, it speeds up your work flow dramatically.


Metagrid is so awesome! I’ve only had it a few weeks, but so far I created a custom template that lets me open and close folders based on their names (like Pads, Drums, etc). Colors, etc, are matched to my template. i also just created a basic togle button that lets me open all the folders and then close all the folders so I can just get a global view. Just those few tweaks have been so great!

Which tools are you finding the most useful in your workflow?

Yeah, after seeing videos of it I bought an iPad just to run Metagrid. Over the years I’ve added a lot of Key Commands to do stuff. But the problem is it becomes hard to remember keys you don’t use all the time, plus the finger contortions can get out of hand (pun intended :smiley: ). Metagrid solves all that by giving you buttons with text on them describing what they do & grouped in a way that makes sense to you.

I hope in the future they add the ability to export individual Views. It would be great to trade Views.

Does anyone know how to stop loopMIDI from opening a window when the PC starts & just have it run in the tray like it does after closing the window?

@raino Just rightclick on the loopMIDI icon, there’s the option “Start minimized”.

Here’s a nice user video overview of using Metagrid & Cubase.

In case anyone is interested in an option with real buttons rather than touchscreen, I’ve written about the x-keys system that I use here:

It may not have all the features of metagrid but I found it sped up my workflow compared to using touchosc with a similar setup to metagrid.

Something about having a dedicated device and pushing real buttons for me. Was just much easier than trying to press touchscreen buttons regularly. Obviously YMMV.

Wow! metagrid looks really nice. I’ve been looking for something that can send keycommands. thanks for the tip!

Update: Since I wasn’t really looking for complete control over Cubase I didn’t even bother installing the midi device mappings and instead went for a custom setup where I’m basically just emulating a computer keyboard. Works great and in the process I learned a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts that I haven’t even considered using before. (Keyboard shortcuts and custom settings really saves a ton of time.)

The automatic switching depending on the active application is nice, just like my Logitech G810 color keyboard that lights up differently depending on what’s on screen.

Even while my Akai Advance has a good set of rotary, button and pad controls and it was only recently that actually got it working, I think the MetaGrid system looks excellent.

I have watched the Metagrid videos. One video says “hundreds” of Cubase key commands. I’m going to assume any KC in Cubase is available with Metagrid?

If yes, then my next question is whether or not by using Metagrid would there be additional type KC functions available that are not in Cubase KC’s?

  1. Specifically, a KC exists to open certain Cubase windows such as History, but no way to close it other than the Windows ctr+w which is dangerous. Is there a solution to close History using Metagrid?

  2. Next question is similar to the above except applies to Workspaces. Anytime I use say…3 or more VST inserts on any focused channel, I find it beneficial to open all VST’s and arrange them in audio-flow order, and save that as a Workspace. Then go to the next focused channel that has multiple VST inserts and set up the same thing. But unfortunately I’m limited to only 9 or 10 KC’s to select workspaces, before I have to use the mouse in the Workspace box and scroll and select. I could probably use 30 or 40 workspace KC’s :smiley:

Can you differentiate in Metagrid the selection of global vs project specific worksapces? And more importantly for myself since I use Workspace functions exclusively to open/close all VST GUI’s at once on any selected track, does the KC limit of (I think only 9 or 10 assignable KC’s) exist when using Metagrid?

  1. Can my MCU controller work seamlessly with Metagrid without having to change the set-up configurations?

4, And finally, are there KC’s that you still use the QWERTY for because of ease or simplicity when you could use Metagrid?

Yes, any Cubase Key Command, Logical Editor Preset, or Macro can be accessed. You can also include text, but I haven’t explored that yet. All of these can be combined as Metagrid macros.

  1. Nope, same danger exists.

  2. Don’t use Workspaces myself, so… :question:

  3. Works fine in conjunction with my X-Touch.

  4. Yeah a fair number because they are so ingrained. Also you can access a KC from both QWERTY & Metagrid - one doesn’t inhibit the other. Metagrid makes it a lot easier to access occasionally used KCs that I’m prone to forget what the actual key strokes are.

If you already have an iPad, just get Metagrid. Adding in an iPad purchase makes it more of a decision.

Thanks! I’m going to “borrow” my wife’s iPad.

Regarding question 2, and assuming it’s all based off existing Cubase key commands, I guess I’m stuck with the same 9 or 10 workspace limitation.

Fyi, I never used workspaces either until they started working properly without all the graphic sizing issues. It’s a decent solution to display all vst gui’s at once for any given track.

That sounds like a euphemism for confiscate.

Hey all, my question is this: I’m not sure whether I should get the 10.5" or 12.9" iPad Pro (unfortunately I have absolutely no need for or a desire to spend Apple’s outrageously inflated price for an iPad other than this, but c’est la vie!). I’ve seen both but can’t test Metagrid on them in the store, obviously. The 12.9" seems gigantic, with the advantage of being able to fit more on the screen, but the 10.5" seems like it might be easier to navigate and access with all of the buttons.

I’d love to hear from from people who have either, or ideally have experience with both.