metal essential expansion

I have cubase 10 and groove agent se5. I bought the metal essentials expansion, but it didn´t work.

If go to the browser i can see the packs and the presets on this path vstsound/groove Agent Content/instruments set metal essentials/ VST3 Presets /Steinberg media Technologies/ Groove agent /program /metal essentials

But the presets don´t work. I can not load any of the presets. the play button don´t work

I had already hidden the cubase 10 folder in the user/appdata /roaming /steinberg path.

¿What can i do to make this expansion work?

I’m having the same problem! Did you fix it?

not yet…

In the Windows Control Panel go to “Programm and components”.
Find “Steinberg Metal Essentials” and click “Modify”, add second “Steinberg VSTSound Archive”
Find “ADD_SMT_212_Metal_Essentials_Presets” in the VST Presets folder and register it in library manager manualy, by double click.

good luck.

Nope it doesn’t work!
I’ve finally figured it out what is the problem with Metal Essentials!
For some reason they are 32 bits and Groove Agent SE 5 only works with 64 bits.
Unfortunately on Steinberg expansion page is written that it should work on GA SE5!
So I guess we lost our money or is there other solution for it?
I’ll try to contact Steinberg to get some exchange for other product!

By default, the package is installed for Groove Agent (mark. Red), not for Groove Agent SE.
Rescan librarys, everything works for me.

Cubase 10 Artist.

Still nothing!!
Can you send me the path where is it installed!
I’m sending a sreenshot of where is mine!

C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound\ADD_SMT_212_Metal_Essentials_Presets.vstsound, there is such?

That’s exactly the same path, the only difference is that mine is 211 and yours is 212. Maybe that’s the problem! Maybe I should uninstall it and download it again!

i don´t have “ADD SMT_212 METAL_ESSENTIALS_Preset”. I Have 211

yeap today i fix it. i re instaled cubase and metal essentials extension. Didn´t work, Next i did what es-soft told me. Modify the instalation. The 212 file appear intis route: User/demon (this is my user)/appdata/roaming/steingberg/content/vstsound Then i right click in the file 212 open in library manager, and it work. attached you will find the route and how it looks in the library

Thanks for the help. I didnt find it in that path. look the attachment. i got the two archives

Here is the deal:
The ADD_SMT_212_Metal_Essentials_Presets file is missing on my intallation!!!
I’ve just received a personal email from a Steinberg technician. He asked for all the details and screenshots, I hope we can solve it!
But if he won’t be able to solve it I have a request to you: maybe one of you could send me through Dropbox link, the file you downloaded from Steinberg and I’ll try that one! After all the file should be the same for everyone but for some reason mine it isn’t and I’ve already downloaded it more than once!

Yeah, shure. I have one issue when i modify the instalation of metal essentials. When i get back to my studio i cand send you the file and the detail of what happend. give me three hours

Hi denviking7. this is what i did,

1 open the control panel and look for metal essentials program (image uninstall repair)
2 when i find the metal essentials i did click on modify ( image modify,) and get this steingberg window
3 choose repair (repair image)
4 First time i did choose install in local hardware, didn´t work
5 then i did choose install all the functions (image all the functions)
7 the file 212 appear in this route C:\Users\demon\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound
8 right click on the file and open in library manager
9 it worked.

If this doesn´t work for you i can share you the file.

Good look

P.S. i only can attach three files. Send the other images in private message

the other files

all the functions.PNG

Thank you! I’ll try it! If doesn’t work, I’ll get back to you tomorrow, ok? Little busy now.
I really appreciate your help buddy :blush:!

you Welcome. Just let me know if works.

I did exactly how you said. Unfortunately it didn’t work! Through the modification procedure it keeps popping up a message that there’s a missing file!
I’ve contacted the Steinberg support in Germany, I hope they can do something about it! Thank you very much, anyway!!

Here’s the message: