Meter with fader

Is there anyway to change the meter that comes with each fader. I like the pro tools fader meters, green, orange, red. This one doesn’t mean anything - i like to set a 'o for testing, calibration, alignment…

You need to select the right scale.


I found it. How do I apply the change to an existing works space?

PS can you show this page in English - thank you…s

You can add and remove the ‘breakpoints’ where colors change.

Below you can set the scale type.

Below that to the left you have recalling and storing this as presets.

And finally bottom right you can hit “apply” and “ok”.


How do I get it to work in my session?

Just open preferences and navigate to that page. Select the scale you need according to what you need to do. I suppose you could insert a test generator on one of your tracks and set it to your reference level and just select scales to see how it looks and then settle for that scale (remember to hit “apply” after switching scales).

Then add your ‘breakpoints’ by clicking “add” and double click on the number you see in the box (in my case I have “-2”, “-6” and so on) and once double clicked I think you can just type in the number you want.

Next to that number you have two other boxes. In my case there’s a green one above a blue one, both next to the number “-27”. If you click on the color-box you should get this:

That’s how you pick the color. Note though that for each “range” there’s a lower box and an upper box. So in my range between -27 and -14 there are two boxes that look green, one above -27 and one below -14. Nuendo will basically “fade” from one color to the next between those points. So that’s how I got a slightly ‘graded’ color scheme, most visible at the bottom which appears almost black and then fades to blue right below -27.

Makes sense?

I have done all that but it doesn’t show up in my session or workspace…

The colors don’t show up? Did you press “apply” and then “ok”?

+3dB Digital (Channel Meter) is the one that you need to change.

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Yes I pressed apply and ok - does it matter that it is a session/workspace?..s

I must be misunderstanding something. Can you post a screenshot or something?

No, it’s a global setting. Make sure you’re altering the right scale. Get fooled before as well.
The different scales are for the big master meter. There is only one for the channel meter.

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st10ss - Do I understand you correctly that the channel meter can’t be changed?..s

There is one scale that is usable for the channel meter. Make sure you change the appearance of this scale.
+3dB Digital (Channel Meter)

No, you completely misunderstood.

Thank you - how do you change a channel meter? The one next to a fader? I selected +3dB Digital

Got it thanks…s

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