metering delay and yamaha moxf6 problem

hello ! i have some problem in cubase 8 pro. why my metering is in delay ?
and also 1 problem i have “Yamaha mofx6” and the plugin editor doesnt record the midi right… just to remind that all these problem wasnt on cubase 7.5.3… please someone ? :frowning:

I’m guessing meter lag it’s probably related to this issue:

The problem with the MOX is probably the same as the issue with the MOTIF XS; the current version of the VSTi editor (1.6.4 in the case of the MOTIF XS) is not compatible with C8.

I understand from another thread that the VSTi editor will be updated for C8 before the end of Jan. Can’t happen too son for me as I can’t use C8 until it is.

Hello! I have a problem with displaying Yamaha MOX6 Editor 1.6.3
My sistem Windows 7, Cubase Pro 8.0.20
When loading External MOX6 VST Editor window appears blank, all work and synchronization tool takes place, but to control the instrument with an editor is not possible. TOOLS window is empty, what do I do? I reinstalled and Cubase and VST Editor, the problem is not solved. What do I do with this error. A window is displayed fully only when I load VST MOX6 Editor a window is displayed fully only when I load in slot 2 Rack Instruments, but the ports are in the first VST instrument, the editor is empty. :imp: Help me fix this error display editor.

I need support in addressing this problem, and in response to the silence…
I wrote at the forum in different themes, but no one answers, no support. As a result, I can not use Cubase Pro 8.0.20 & Yamaha MOX6 Editor 1.6.3

It is a very common user error to mix up MOX6 with MOXF6. You have done this in this very post.

Your title says “MOXF6” yet your actual post refers to “MOX6”. This we are certain is your problem. Which do you own. It is critical that the Editor you download match exactly the product you own. While similar, they are not interchangeable.

If you own a MOX6 make sure you Editor reads MOX6 not MOXF6.

Hope that helps.

I installed the downloaded editor for Yamaha mox6 v.1,6,3 from the official website pits there is no error, but Problem persists. The VST editor 1.6.3 window is blank. If I load the editor MOX6 version 1.4.1 using the Yamaha Studio Manager, it appears, but this method is not sufficiently flexible editing tool options. I would like to use VST Editor MOX6 1.6.3 through VSTi Rack Instrument
In Cubase 7 everything worked flawlessly.

What version of Cubase ?