Meters in the mix console modules gone?

I like the new look of the CS modules in the mix console, but where are the meters? I really need to see gain reduction on the limiter. Not talking about the full pop-up window.



Could you attach a screenshot?

In 9.5 (and previously) there was a 5 segment “LED” meter. Gone in 10

I see, you are right.

This is bad news - Martin, can you please pass on to the folk at SB…?

Does this now have to become a ‘Feature Request’ to get the functionality back…? How are you supposed to work, without any (rough) idea of how much gain reduction you are applying…?


Yes, I passed over to Steinberg.

I wouldn’t say it’s a feature request, I would say it’s a bug. It was in the previous version, and it’s missing. There is nothing new to implement. :wink:

That’s either a lack of understanding a DAW at all if it was removed because of the new GUI or it is a bug. I am going to post my discovered GUI issues soon. I have changed my language of CB10 to English especially to make it easier to address.

And that’s good news - thank you Martin; yes, sorry - I was being a bit provocative with my comment.

Yeah, it’s more than just the Limiter meter. Are all the channel strip meters gone?

Yes, all the CS meters are gone. Gain reduction for the compressor module is shown to the left of the meter in the mix console meter bridge, and this works in C10 also. I never understood why the devs found it useful to show comp gain reduction in the meter bridge, but not limiter gain reduction?! I guess I’ll have to make a feature request about that.


These should display in the meters next to the Channel Faders - like they have in Studio One, or Protools, or Logic, or Harrison Mixbus…

(Apologies @dancetiger for taking a little liberty with your words.!)

Why did Steinberg make such a choice? I work with the meters in the mixconsole all the time and I don’t want to open the edit window every single time. No sense.

Yeah, it makes no sense. Let’s hope Martin is right, that it’s just a bug and the fix is around the next corner.

Have to say, btw, that C10 pro is very stable. Amazingly so for a release version.



Another useful thing changed for no reason that we now have to ask for back. Doubt it’s a bug, rather a choice made. Just realised that they removed the star rating filters too. It’s like to add new things, they have to take some things away as it happens time & time again with Cubase, year after year. I don’t think it’s a coincidence anymore. Can’t think of why else they would remove such things… Like you used to be able to resize the right click tool bar…

but now you can’t.

You are right. The online manual says the leds are there. Funny, uh?

I taked a ticket to understand why the meters are missing. The answer is: “in Cubase 10 there are not anymore”. Stop.
So, why don’t remove the channel strip rack? What’s its utility? I’m use to work in full screen from Cubase 7 to use the channel strip rack with my controller and now, after 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5 they decided to remove the meters. I am very angry and disappointed. No respect for the buyers. I paid for more features, not for substitution of features.

And they said nothing else…? That’s it, the meters have been removed and that’s the end of the matter…? Really bad, if true.

So, its a ‘Feature Request’ now, to get them returned… :unamused:

Unexpected move if this is correct. Very strange.

My question is: WHY?

I mostly do not use the channel strip for compressors and gates, though occasionally for speed I do… or at least have done in previous versions!

If it is indeed a decision by Steinberg (as opposed to a bug) to remove the visual cues from the channel strip compressors and gates etc, then it is a very poor decision. Visual feedback is important and now using the strip is more trouble than it is worth. I wont use it at all in future unless the meters return.