Meters with no numbers

When I open the mix console all the meters have no numbers on them. Is there a way to display the db value of each line next to the meter? All I can see is the peak and channe value at the bottom, but I want to look at the meter…and well actually meter… All I can really tell is “well, that’s a tall blue line” instead of being able to tell “I expect the volume to drop off to around -12db there and indeed it does”

You just need to make them wider. The numbers disappear at very narrow widths.

G + H control channel width on the MixConsole.

Well, just making them wider, doesn’t necessarily help; posted already
It appears randomly on my system, and I can’t get rid of it until I reboot.


In the video you posted in that other thread the issue is certainly just with the track width. You can see the track numbers disappear when he jumps from 16 to 17 tracks. I’ve never experienced the numbers not showing when the tracks are wide enough for them though.

Yes, of course, I put that link for everyone to be able to see which “numbers” we’re talking about. That’s all. The issue is present, no matter if I keep hitting G + H buttons for all eternity. I’m happy for his 17 tracks or whatever, it doesn’t reflect behavior on my systems and certainly doesn’t solve my problem. Three different machines (Windows 8.1) tested, even more video cards. The same thing.