Metric Modulation text

Hello all,

I might get something wrong, but I am struggling a lot to input a metric modulation indication like in the image above.

First, I can’t find how to input the littles arrows, second there doesn’t seem to have an option on the properties panel, to specify the tempo aside (in parentheses or bracket). I tried inputing another tempo text, but that makes disappear the metric modulation as soon as I put it next to it.

Thank you!
Capture d’écran, le 2020-05-29 à 16.15.03.png

you can use the metrico font and system text (shift-alt-x) as a workaround for now.

That worked perfectly, thanks!


I tried your suggestion using the Metrico font and system text. Just one thing, I don’t have the metrico font on mic system. Is that font something you added yorself? Where can I find it?

PS I’m also on Mac DS

This thread has details.

You’ll find it here:

Thanks Klafkid!

Just tried it and it works perfect! Exactly what I needed.