Swing indications using system text

Thanks to Leo and Luis, I’m starting to get a handle on using System Text to write tempo equations that include tuplet brackets, like this:

If anyone wants to use the ones I’ve created, here’s the zipped Dorico file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n4m5s9g8ltmdjac/Tempo%20equations%20list.dorico?dl=0

To use them:

  • click on the system text to select it
  • copy
  • switch to your project and paste it

If you want it to be bigger, use the “Scale” feature in the Properties Panel. Don’t double-click to edit it and change the font size - it’ll mess up everything. And it’s a pain in the neck to get right.

Hopefully these are helpful. If there are any other bracketed tuplet equations that someone wants, I’ll try to add them to the file.
Tempo equations list.zip (402 KB)
tuplet equation.png


That’s awesome Dan, thanks very much!

(I’ve taken the liberty of renaming the first post in this thread, as this is a swing indication and not a tempo equation.)

That’s fine, although I intend to add a few more iterations, including several that are definitely more complex metric modulations (which I guess is a more accurate term than “tempo equations”).

The Facebook discussion that sparked this the other day was a request to create a five bracket above an eighth note = eight note.

Thanks, Dan!

Thanks for this Dan - brilliant!

Thank you Dan, that’s very helpful!

Dan, I don’t want to undermine your efforts… but I just couldn’t resist. :blush: :slight_smile:

Here’s another solution that may prove a little more versatile than pre-built text objects. Inspired from your threads here I have devoted a bit of time to building a special font for all sorts of metric indications. I proudly introduce Figurato’s little brother, Metrico.
With Metrico you can type strings like in the following examples to create metronome marks, tempo equations and swing indications.

For now this is rather a proof of concept. Basic figures work, most more exotic tuplet combinations are not implemented yet.


This is great!! Nice work.

That’s awesome, Florian! I want to use that for swing 16th notes.

Thank you, gentlemen!

Cblotus, that’s what I made it for. Like so?


I believe so, haha. That would create a 16th note shuffle, yeah?


Nice work, Florian! That looks great!

seems also a great way to enter notes symbols in the middle of text

Thanks, guys! Much appreciated.
I hope to be able to put some more work into it soon.

:astonished: Wow!


What a terrific font addition! Thank you!

Regrettably (I never thought that I would say this) I am on a Mac. The triplet bracket appears underneath the crotchet/quaver grouping for swing. Is this something that you may remedy in time from your end or does the bug in the QT Framework that you mention prohibit this?


P.S. I can’t imagine that the Dorico Team don’t plan to implement their own dedicated feature for Metric Modulations at some point (hopefully soon?). It’s a pretty relevant feature…

Well, there is already such a feature, they call it “tempo equations”. That’s a different thing than is discussed in this thread, though. Perhaps this functionality can and will be expanded to include rhythmic indications as described here in future.