Metronome on on count-in and off during playback

Is it possible to have the metronome click on during count-in and then have the click off when playback start ?

Metronome: Pre-Count Only - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I did read that post…still not working.

Just to be sure, the post makes reference to the pre-count ? I can’t seem to find the pre-count in CB11 only count-in and in this case, it only works when recording not on play back.

Again, i want to have the click on during count-in then off on play back (at the point where the play head is parked), this seems to be possible only when you’re recording but not on regular play back.

I spent a while trying to achieve this last week, and failed. I found it impossible to activate the metronome count-in for playback mode.

There are several threads about this in addition to the one mentioned above. Nobody seems to have found a solution. I’ve resorted to just using record mode, but with no track armed for recording. Once it’s started I can cancel record + move to play mode thus allowing me to move locaters, toggle looping etc whilst playing back.

One thread I came across showed a macro that allowed you to start record, have a countin then immediately automatically drop out of record. I couldn’t get it to work though (probably due to not following the instructions correctly!), and now I can’t find the thread again to link to it here.

I was wanting to use count in for playback and concluded that it is not available.