Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library abnormal program ter...


Im having major problems installing the hardware for the Steinberg ur242 on my windows10.
when I put the Tools-cd in and hit setup, this message shows up:

"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!

abnormal program termination"

I have tried downloading the latest updates on Steinbergs homepage, but the same thing happens.
I also downloaded the newest runtime-package from windows homepage that was suggested in a thread where people had similar problems as me, but it did’nt work.

My processor: intel® core™ i7-4790k cpu @ 4.00ghz 4.00 ghz

If anyone had any similar issues that you managed to solve, pleaseee help me!


Sorry to hear about your problem, Dollyblossom. I found your post by performing a search on the same MS error. For me, it occurs when I try to open Cubase SX v1.0.6.78. I know it’s old, but I was hoping it would still work on my Win 10, IntelCore i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz. In fact, I was able to update the eLicenser driver for the dongle. The app “almost” starts. It loads & loads, and then I get the same Runtime error you get. It’s a shame that no one has even attempted to help you out. I will keep digging around here, at MS, and elsewhere. I’ll get back to you If I come up with something.

I can’t speak to any specifics other than to say that the two sites below do indicate your Steinberg ur242 is compatible with Windows 10–
My Cubase SX, dongle and all, however much it was once applauded, might as well be scrapped, like any old Pentium machine. Not cool, because I’m pretty sure it would take a good coder only about an hour, if he/she took a long coffee break, to string together some stolen pseudo-code, sew it up nice and neat, and hit Save–to create a new Microsoft C + + 2018 Redistributable (x64) xxxxxxxxxxx.–that would enable Cubase SX to work with Win 10 & IntelCore i7 CPUs.