Steinberg products compatible with Windows 10

We are happy to announce that the Windows 10 related performance and timing issues of our sequencer products (Cubase, Nuendo, Sequel) have now been resolved with the latest Windows update. Microsoft released the necessary patch in close cooperation with Steinberg after our engineers identified the cause (changes had been made to the MMCSS subsystem of Windows).

This is why we can announce Windows 10 an officially supported operating system across the entire Steinberg product line.

UPDATE Please also have a look at our statement regarding the latest Windows 10 “Redstone” update from August 2016 here:


The QuickTime problem is also fixed. I have just installed QuickTime 7.7.8.

Indeed, Quicktime now also works after a Windows 10 update.

Even though Quicktime is now fixed, is there a way of disabling video altogether in CPro 8 if you do not need or want it?

You can remove all the “video…” releated files from the Cubase “Components” folder.

Hello! If possible, please indicate the number of updates Windows (KB) *****. On the day of announcement of interoperability Steinberg, on my system were obtained by the anti-virus database updates, and Flash Player. Thank you in advance!

According to development these updates are needed: KB3097617 and KB3081452

As in just delete the files? Can you list the specific files?

To be on the safe side, move them out of the components folder.
They are: videodecode, videoengine, videooutput and videopreload

Many thanks Ed.

I just upgraded last night from Windows 7 Pro x64. Everything is working just fine. The whole process took less than an hour. Even my TI Polar migrated without a hitch. The only minor issue was having to run eLicenser once as Administrator in order to straighten out some permissions. Windows 10 seems faster and more responsive than Windows 7, plus now all my computers at home are now running Windows 10.

I have system very similar to yours and I’m glad to hear you say things seems a bit faster and more responsive.

General questions:

Now that we can use windows 10, should we? Is Win 10 qualitatively better than Win 7 or 8, will it help me use Cubase better, does it make the program work better in any significant way?

Also, is there a version of Win 10 we should get?

Any installation tips or things to watch out for?

I’ve downloaded QT 7.7.8 and tried to install it on Windows 10 as an Administrator. It failed to install. What did you do to install it, other than run the installer (compatibility mode etc)?

No special permissions required when I installed it a couple of days ago.


I’ve been running Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10 on other computers of mine for a while now. Compared with Windows 7, in general I find the performance better and more reliable. With Windows 8.1 Microsoft made the desktop acceptable for me and Windows 10 just improves on that. I much prefer the Windows 10 desktop over Windows 7.

For a fresh install, I would recommend Windows 10 Pro.
I always make a system image to an external drive before doing an OS upgrade. That saved my bacon when a while back I tried to upgrade my DAW to Window 8.1 and the whole affair went south.

Warning - I am having issues with my upgrade to Windows 10. It moved Cubase into the windows.old folder, and when i try to run Cubase, I get the following message: DCOM connection to program ‘Synsopos.exe’ failed.

I am trying to open up my eLicenser, but nothing is happening. This is not as seamless as I would have hoped.

QT -Installer works now on Windows 10 - but you must have this:

Me and a couple of other users are having a taskbar auto-hide problem. I have it on a couple of laptops, and though I’m not sure if it has any effect on using Cubase (probably not), it definitely makes me stall on going full win10.

Well done, guys! Steinberg rocks!