Midex 8 drver

hi all,
just bought a midex 8 and now i know why it was so cheap .even sberg have stopped providing a driver 4 it .
so if anyone has the last windows 64 bit driver 4 it i would be grateful.

Have one laying around and would love a windows driver too. I don’t even have a parallel port card for modern windows that still has drivers! I think you can still buy ‘new ones’, but those would probably be USB based or something, and would probably have terrible latency.

The version I have here connects to the old printer parallel port.

SMP24 here as well.

Unfortunately, these were common in the Windows 3/Millennial Edition era. I don’t think they even got XP drivers. Certainly not 64bit ones.

I experimented a bit with Atari Emulators at one point and could not get them working there on PC hardware, including a functioning PCI LPT port with XP (32 bit) either (lack of dongle support for sequencers that know how to use SMP/MIDEX, and possibly missing logic in the emulator’s ability to interface with parallel ports too).

If you can find an old Atari ST on the cheap somewhere, it’d still be really good with that interface. Otherwise, sell or trade it. You might be surprised at the demand for stuff like that if you look in Atari ST/Falcon/TT forums and social media walls/pages.

MIDEX | Steinberg

Unsupported, but maybe it will work for you?

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thanks but tried this when i click on it .
it doesn’t do anything .there’s none home
that’s why i wanted someone with it to send me it.

Ahh, I see what you mean. Sorry about the misleading information. It must be related to this …


IE Explorer can do ftp as well.

thanks all got the driver ,lets see how it goes

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MIDEX 8 64-Bit Windows 7 driver works here with Windows 10 21H2 and Cubase 11 Pro 11.0.30.
Though I’d wished they continued to provide drivers for this vaulable piece of hardware

Me too, but hey, there’s no profit in them doing so, but yet, we have a working driver, so I’m OK with it having unsupported status. There really aren’t many alternative 8-port MIDI interfaces out there any more, and the Midex still has LTB support in Cubase.

The only problem now is that the driver is only available on an FTP server … what!? The 90’s called and want their protocol back.

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