Midi controller keyboard and integration with Cubase 12 Pro

Hello everyone, I would like someone to give me some advice for a midi controller keyboard (61 semi-weighted keys) that has full integration with Cubase 12 Pro, with which I can easily control all the parameters of my DAW. Thank you.

I have an integrated study on my Facebook The Genos-cubase 12 old school arrangers group Google it and join us.

Alan Russell


What about Arturia KeyKab Essential 61, which has factory MIDI Remote script in Cubase 12?


For a midi controller that has full integration with Cubase 12 midi remote control, you have 3 choices :

  • Novation Launchkey 61 MK3
  • Arturia Keylab Essential 61
  • Akai MPK 261

The Akai is quite old (almost 10 years), I don’t know if it worth it today.

I have the Launchkey 37 and I can tell you it works well with the dedicated Cubase 12 script (except since the very last Cubase update but I suppose it will be fixed soon).

I think the Keylab Essential is a good choice too, it comes with Analog Lab V wich is a huge collection of classic synthesisers presets.

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Hold your horses , until Steinberg figure out their work flow with the remote app you have to be prepare for things not working precisely how they should , it’s a shame , great potential but most controllers with rotary encoders will not work with the C12 MR as it stands and with every version of Cubase 12 so far some else gets moved or broken in the background to make the scripts and the panels not show up like they did in the previous versions . If your a programmer , all well and good , if your a musician , this is frustrating .
So choosing a controller for Cubase ,please bare in mind that the RM is only half finished and liable to change how it works

A musician makes music.
If you use Cubase you accept the role of technician as well.
If you use a computer, some knowledge is required about the OS, USB devices and software …

If people have troubles with the whole computer setup, I recommend looking for dedicated standalone recording devices, These should indeed work without much hassle.

Well, I have good experiences (Using a Novation Laumchkey, a Komplete Kontrol S61 and a Presonus Faderport)
I think it is a rather rude statement toward the Cubase developers and honestly, I do not share your opinion about this.
Anyhow, let’s make music!

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The Komplete Kontrol S61 has Cubase integration. It uses the old Remote Devices setup.
At the same time, you can use MIDI Remote to add even more functionality for the buttons and rotary encoders.

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Well i don’t share your opinion and i think your rude just to point me out for being factual

Sorry who are you to recommend ?
You seem to be trying to up your trust rate to a regular with nonsense . Refrain from commenting on my comments if your going to start slurring my comments .

@mauro.carucci I had a Novation Impulse for years, over 10 years before it started sending MIDI Pitch Bend and Modulation randomly. I consider that he has done me a very good service.

I bought a Komplete Kontrol S61, 1 year and 4 months ago. One day when I booted up my system, the keyboard was blacked out, unusable. I made all the necessary steps and tests with Native Instrument to try to find the problem. NI came to the conclusion that I had to return the device and that it would be replaced.

The device had a one-year warranty. The breakage occurred after 1 year and 3 months. It’s a keyboard that cost me CA$1100 with taxes. To replace it costs me CA$269. I had to send the device to California, It’s been a little over a month and I’m still waiting for a refurbished or new keyboard, I don’t know, because I haven’t been given any details at this subject. All I hope is that this replacement keyboard can last a few years.

Personally, I will no longer invest any money in NI Hardware products. The software is interesting, but the reliability of the hardware is very questionable in my experience.


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I feel your pain. In Europe there is a mandatory 2 year guarantee.
Anyhow, let’s be optimistic as you might receive a repaired keyboard.

I do have a NI Komplete Kontrol 61 for almost 2 years now and it works ‘perfect’.

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Consumer laws are not governed by the European Union. Evey country is different.

Why do you say this?
Have a look here; https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=CELEX%3A32019L0771

Indeed @mlindeb, the guarantees may vary from one country to another. Here in Canada, the warranty was one year. The merchant had offered me an additional year’s warranty, which I considered expensive given the length of time. I figured that most keyboards I’ve had last much longer than two years without encountering any problems.

Error! All these new keyboards seem to be made of electronic components that the manufacturer can only guarantee for the short term. There is nothing truly sustainable today.

I don’t think I can have the keyboard that will be sent to me for the next ten years. I expect to have to reinvest in a few years, 3 or 5 years at most. Confidence is gone…

I stand corrected.
I left Europe over a decade ago and this directive was not in place then as far as I remember.
Thanks for the link!


Afaik Arturia MkII series also support Cubase (as a Mackie Controller)

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I tried many keyboards in a shop yesterday, to check the quality of the keys. This is the result.

  1. Arturia essential 61: the keyboard keys look like those of a toy. Too light;
  2. Arturia keylab pro 61: even if better than the Essential, the dynamics of the keys didn’t convince me (they don’t seem semi-weighted);
  3. Novation Launchkey 61: the impression is the same as the Essential 61;
  4. Novation Impulse 61: even if it has been produced since 2011, it seems to me to be the best keyboard (dynamics, playability, resistance, etc.). It’s great value and has all the controllers you need.

Is anyone using Cubase 12 with Novation Impulse 61? May I have some feedback?. Thank you all. Mauro.

@mauro.carucci, I’ve mentioned before that I had this controller for just over ten years before I had any issues. In fact, the device is still functional. The keys on the keyboard are just like when I bought this keyboard.

However, it is now no longer usable because it sends MIDI data randomly. Everything might be fine for a while and all of a sudden pitch bend, modulation, sustain and expression pedal and sometimes aftertouch data is being sent and causing problems in Cubase.

It has done me very good service and I regret not having bought this controller again rather than Komplete from NI which became unusable after only one year and three months. I’m still waiting for the return of this Komplete keyboard which must be somewhere between California and the province of Quebec in Canada.

Thanks for the useful information; this is what I needed to make the right choise.

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