MIDI Controller script for M-Audo Oxygen Pro Mini

I am having a hard time setting up the Oxygen Pro Mini. It does limited function on VST instruments but no DAW control. Have tried mapping myself but cannot figure it out. Does any one have a script that works?

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Make sure, the MIDI port is not in use for the Track Quick Controls or the VST Quick Controls, please.

Hi. I am having the same issue please can you set out how to check whether the midi port is not in use for quick controls or vst quick controls. A screengrab would be very helpful. Thank you


Check this in the Studio > Studio Setup, please.

Have you followed the following instructions? It shows how to set up the MIDI ports.


Cubase needs to be set up as Mackie Control and all is functioning.


If M-Audio Oxygen supports Mackie Control, you can use the MIDI Remote script for Mackie Control, which is available here on the forum.

I have the same problem. Do you know where the Mackie Control script you referred to is available in the forum? Thanks!

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Here you can find all shared scripts, including MCU.