Midi Editor Improvements - Note Delete

See this thread:

I like the way its done in FL Studio (Click to add the note, Right click to remove one) that workflow feels much faster and fluent than cubase and is the reason why I often use the FL Studio Piano Roll to develop my ideas for the start. Cubase sometimes is a creativity killer for me when it comes to midi track generation starting from nothing. It feels a bit long-winded and I sometimes catch me being too lazy to change midi notes because of that.

With the new 8.5 update it got a bit better. But still an option to choose right click = delete note would be nice. That doesn’t mean it has to be standard for everyone but the possibility to use it that way would be awesome.

You can quickly access the “Eraser” tool with a hotkey and then hotkey back to the pencil or whatever you use to make midi data. That’s how I do it.

The less clicking the better. Make a chart on the wall of all keyboard shortcuts until you memorize them. You will be glad when you do.