No easy add delete in midi editor 8.5

I’m posting this in general just to get it out there, and will once I have actually used cubase 8.5 post this as a feature request, but this is more of a question for people using 8.5. I see they added note lengths in the drum editor which is awesome because now we can use the drum editor from melodic instruments and for tight quantized drums easier which makes that drum tool very useful indeed, click once add a note click again take it away, which is what I have been asking for in the key editor since I have been a cubase user.

Steinberg added double click add a note, but if I could only assign right click to delete I would have it exactly the way I want it. this looks like a great direction and I love cuabase, I hope they add an easy way to delete notes without having to press delete on the keyboard, or switch to the erase tool.

Am I wrong about this? did they add the ability to add a tool to right click like right click= erase note and or erase event?

Also is elastique timing tighter now.


In the Key Editor, there is a different situation, than in the Drum Editor. Double-click on existing note delete the Note in the Drum Editor. But in the Key Editor, there is already function for the double-click to the existing note = open Note Expression editor. There is also function for the right-click already, which is global for the whole Cubase = open tools or the local menu. I wouldn’t make an exception here, jist for the Key Editor, if you right-click to the note. This kind of exceptions (here and there) would make a big mess in the software.

Right I see what you mean. Hmmm…now I see the challenge
For steinberg in adding this function. What if a modifier key
Was created or allowed to be created to temporarily bring
Up the erase tool that would be good. So hold it down
And erase tool comes up let go =back to original tool.
This is why I wanted an entire new tool one that is less
Geared to note expression and more to note entry and delete.
Thoughts? Again it’s not that it’s so bad now just brainstorming
Improvements which is fun for me.

Then I would expect Alt modifier. Alt + click Out of the Note Add a one, Alt + click to the Note remove it.

Yes if that’s the easiest way to program it in. Although I’d even like to use a seperate tool that acts that way
Like the drum tool that adds one click out of note in note delete, side of note length, hold and drag up down velocity
And a modifier key for select note or dragging to certain area of note changes to select type tool. I think a modifier key to start would be easier to program than an entire smart tool though not sure… I’m trying to get it figured
In a way that makes sense then I’ll post a details feature request.

That’s a feature I also miss in Cubase.

I like the way its done in FL Studio (Click to add the note, Right click to remove one) that workflow feels much faster and fluent than cubase and is the reason why I often use the FL Studio Piano Roll to develop my ideas for the start. Cubase sometimes is a creativity killer for me when it comes to midi track generation starting from nothing. It feels a bit long-winded and I sometimes catch me being too lazy to change midi notes because of that.

With the new 8.5 update it got a bit better. But still an option to choose right click = delete note would be nice. That doesn’t mean it has to be standard for everyone but the possibility to use it that way would be awesome.

What I do in cubase as a workaround is that I set a special mouse button on my logitech mouse in it’s configuration software to key stroke “entf”. That way I can remove a note without pressing the “entf” on the keyboard, however I still have to click on the note first so it’s not that fast and fluent as a direct “right click and delete” would be.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. I agree though that steinberg are on the right track with there midi editors it’s getting much better for our type of workflow, hopefully they complete the idea with some type of assignable modifier, I’d love to have a preference to assign delete to right mouse click in cubase, just for certain types of workflows, you could always set it back if needed. Or an option to set double click to delete note instead of opening note expression that may be the easiest to program in. They are surely headed in a very good direction lately focusing a lot on workflow.