Midi fighter twister feedback

I’m thinking about buying this https://store.djtechtools.com/products/midi-fighter-twister

for tweaking soft synths.

However, how does cubase work in terms of sending feedback to the device? So for example if I map a knob to filter cutoff in a vsti and record some automation, will cubase send the data back to the controller in playback so that the lights will move?

Would this only work if I assign quick controls?


I worked with this controller few months ago. If I’m right, the LEDs are using different MIDI CCs, then the knobs send. But double chceck this in the MIDI Implementation PDF, please.

If this is true, then you cannot send the value from Cubase back. You need the same in/Out MIDI CC to be able to do it.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve had a look at the manual but can’t quite work it out :slight_smile:

It says this:

It is possible to sync the display value of the CC or note to the parameter it is controlling in

your software of choice. Simply map the MIDI OUT for that parameter to the same MIDI

number on channel 0.

so hopefully…

If you can map it to the same MIDI CC, then it will work.

I don’t know why is the Channel 0 necessary here (sounds strange, MIDI Channels are 1-16).

Thanks. So do you think I would be able to set it up as a generic remote so that for example, knob one is always CC74 and then whatever VSTi I’m using, I can assign CC74 to one of that vsti’s controls and have the two way communication working? And then on another track a similar thing with a different vsti?

Would I need QC for that?


I’m not sure, if you can do it this way. I would expect, you will be forsed to set the Knob 1 to dedicated CC, the one, where it does receive the values for the LEDs.

Then I would recommend to use Quick Controls, as a dynamic assignment. Not to assign the MIDI CC in the Instrument.

Thanks Martin. I think you’ve assured me it will do what I want one way or another. I will buy it and report back. :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

I’m DJTT’s Support Manager and happy to jump in to clear up any doubts.

The Twister does indeed listen back to the same CC for MIDI Out so say you have the top left encoder on bank 1 mapped (CC0 Ch.1), if Cubase can send Midi Out to that control it should work just fine. The same applies to the RGB LEDs which are engaged when you push one of the encoders (in this case messages are sent with the same CC# but on Ch.2 by default). If some of the original messages conflict with other devices or plugins the MF Utility allows you to change these for a better fit and the MIDI Out will be listened to on the new CC/Channel.

Thanks Matias for jumping in. The unit should be arriving today :slight_smile:

I couldn’t find much info on using this device with Cubase so this post might be useful for others too.

Is it possible to have the RGB colours change when you select a different bank (using the device bank change controls, not midi)? I’m thinking of having one bank set up for eqs and channel strip and one for more vsti uses…

Yes, you can assign the on/off colors via the MF Utility independently for each RGB LED on each bank. This way you can easily tell apart the different banks as you navigate them. :sunglasses:

Brilliant thanks. I’ll document where I can and then maybe you can put some of it up on your site to help other cubase users.

Sure thing! If you do come up with a template you’d be happy to share with other Cubase users we’d love to have it up on maps.djtechtools.com.

Feel free to ping me if you need anything along the way.

Thanks will do

Hello Mozart. Had you been successfull in using midifighter twister as mentioned? I have the same application idea (Controlling e.g. waves channelstrip of the SSL E-Console) and need to be sure that the current filter Position is reflected by the knobs.
Also: I still can’t find any Information/Support for cubase on the DJTT Websites.

I have yes. It works well. I’m going to do some setup instructions on my blog in a day or two…


Did you get the “relative” mode working for the MFT encoders?

I seem to be having trouble getting relative working and can only use “pickup” mode in Generic Remote.

Also keen to see how you setup the LED transmit back to MFT.

Sorry for delay in replying to you. Had a deadline to deal with. Will get onto this tomorrow.

I’ve written a post here about how I’m using the Midi Fighter Twister in Cubase.


Hope this might help. Feel free to throw questions at me on the blog if you want…

I read your blog post Mozart. I see on your “generic remote” map your aren’t using “relative” mode or “pickup” mode, which means you are using the default “jump” mode. Jump is an awful way to use a controller as the Cubase parameter will jump to the position of your hardware controller. This is nasty for volume or gain parameters.

The “transmit” feedback (LED position on the MFT) seems to work for me.

My main issue is that the MFT doesn’t work in “relative” mode, so I’m using “pickup” mode, its a bit annoying and slows down workflow.

The MFT mapping software lets you choose “ENC 3FH/41H” for their relative mode option but doesn’t seem to gel with Cubase. :frowning:

I bought the MFT to control DMG Equilibrium EQ as an insert in Cubase, it does do a decent job, but if the MFT “relative” mode worked with Cubase it would be a great small controller.

I’m hoping someone from DJTT will read this and try to implement a “relative” mode that works in Cubase in their next update. :slight_smile:

Hi there. You’re right in that I’m not using relative mode but there is absolutely no jumping.

You’ll note from my article that one of the things that I wanted to avoid was parameter jump .

I’m having absolutely no parameter jump using it that way that I am . When I move the encoder it moves from exactly the position that is being reported to it from cubase.