Midi following / parent track


Anyone know if there is a feature in Cubase 5 that will let you add 3-4 software instruments and then add one miditrack that will work as a “parent” for the software instruments?
I want to layer some synth sounds and use this miditrack to edit the notes and to have the instruments work in a “read” function from this midichannel with every note change I do.

Install MIDI Yoke: http://www.midiox.com/myoke.htm

Then assign “parent” track’s output to MIDI Yoke port 1 and assign “slave” tracks’ inputs to MIDI Yoke port 1.

Not sure if you can do ghost tracks, but you can make ghost parts which will follow any changes you make to the original. That means you’ll need 3 midi tracks and make ghost copies of the contents of 1 track to the other 2 and they’ll follow anything you change in them.

Thinking about it I’m not really sure if you can make ghost copies onto other tracks, but I guess it’d work. :confused:

thanks! I will try this

edit: there are no OSX version :frowning:

You can add up to 4 MIDI Sends to a MIDI track, each routed to its own independent MIDI instrument (including VSTis in the VSTi rack). Note that this is only possible from a regular MIDI track… an Instrument Track has no MIDI Sends.
Another possibility (but not free) came up recently…

Btw, @Strophoid,
“Yes, we can” :wink:

On Mac OS X, you can use instead an Apple IAC Driver bus (if necessary, activate it in the Apple Audio MIDI Setup utility).