Padshop and Retrologue

I have installed Cubase 8 on a brand new computer and it did not install Padshop or Retrologue. In fact it does not give you the option to install these like 7.5 does. Fortunately I also have Cubase 7.5 installation files and I installed Padshop and Retrologue from them and CB 8 now sees them. But if I would have been a new user and only bought CB 8 what would I have done?

I have redownloaded the installation files and they are there now. My first download must have been corrupted.

There are two downloads…

One is the ‘upgrade’ (3.8 GB) and doesn’t include some of the plugins like Halion,Padshop, etc.

The other download is the complete version of Cubase 8 (9 GB) that includes everything.

Also,there is the downloads page, anything you have a license for can be downloaded or updated here too -