Midi Inserts are buggy when instrument uses drum map

Bug on Win10, 12.0.60 AND on MacM1 Pro, 12.0.60

  • Create new project
  • Create new instrument (can be empty)
    Midi Inserts work as they should.
  • Change drum map to “GM Map” (or any other)
    Midi Inserts behave faulty (try to load new ones, make slots empty etc.)

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Do you mean and specific MIDI Insert or any? Which one did you test? What did it against the expectation, please?

Hi Martin, thanks.

It’s any MIDI insert (in the „MIDI insert effect“ section of the inspector.)
What happens: Slots are not working as expected any more.
For example: Loading an effect into an insert does not display its name and when clicking on it still shows ’no effect’.
I made a video that shows the problem but seems I can not upload it due to my newbie forum status.
Does it help to do that later?
It’s easy to reproduce though.



How is it linked with this thread, please?

Hi Martin, not linked in my opinion. Different bugs, both reproducable on Mac and Win, independent of each other.

Video upload:


This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

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