MIDI inserts with Record Output to Track stop working after

Using a MIDI compressor input with Record Output to Track.

When reloading a saved project the insert stops working. Re-inserting the plugin forces it to work again.

This could be the case for all MIDI inserts.

This should have gone in the Cubase 8 section.

Can anyone confirm this happens in 9?

Put a midi compressor in - set to 80 with a 4:1 ratio - set the rec button to live input

Add a midi monitor

Send max 127 vel notes to track and confirm Vel on monitor is being compressed.

Save + reload - repeat.

It also doesn’t work loaded from a track preset.

How are issues like this still around?

Looks like all MIDI inserts are broken when you try and reload a project or load a preset.


[CAN-5864] MIDI insert Microtuner broken when project opens

Only work around is to use custom transformer presets.