MIDI Keyboard recommendations

That’s not by a cat - there’s not even a big paws at the end.

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For what it’s worth, here’s my setup:

I’ve just realised I haven’t dusted in a while…


Wwaaaiiitt a minute! That’s not Dorico!



Dan, if you had known and worked with Moshé Feldenkrais as I did, or read his books, you would not have this opinion of him. His principles are sound and universal, and, once you know how to do them, his exercises are simple, easy to remember, take little time to run through, and are highly effective. :smiley:


Yeah, I know. My wife still uses Finale for her chamber pieces.
But I might have talked her into using Dorico instead of Sibelius for orchestral works. :grinning:


p.s. It’s not my wife in the picture, It’s one of our cats. :rofl:
Cats are using “Musscore” (only funny in Swedish)


Haha :slight_smile: English cats use Mewscore :slight_smile:


Just a little ergonomic report, if it’s helpful: Yesterday I put in a 10-hour day engraving (not typical for me), all standing, with periodic breaks. I used the balance board I mentioned in a comment above. I was tired at the end, but the body felt good. No back or neck pain.

I think the helpful thing about the balance board is that it keeps me from locking into one posture. I’m shifting around constantly. Also, it’s important to have the desk and monitor exactly the right height.


FWIW - small things that I resisted getting at first but that are much appreciated QOL in my current setup…

  1. (In the center) Getting rid of power strips for a couple of higher quality and capacity power units I think is a lot safer than what I had before. I have all the switches in easy reach so that I’m not powering anything that don’t need at the moment. It has two USB charging jacks on the front that I totally didn’t need to spring for, but totally appreciate the convenience for phones etc. A slot to stuff said phone/cord where it is out of the way.

  2. Likewise, didn’t think I needed the red lighted Corsair/Cherry switches PC keyboard (actually a hand-me-down from my son who felt sorry for me and my “basic” one.). Working with not overly bright lights is easiest on my eyes, so the backlighting is a gift and the difference in hand fatigue is noticeable to me.

  3. Though the 88 is in a pull-out drawer underneath the desk, the little Arturia 25 key on top is right there next to PC Keyboard so it can be the most minimal in terms of hand/arm movement. I can shift it as necessary to be most comfortable/efficient for the kind of task at hand. Sometimes I play low parts on the 88 with my left hand and enter expressions on the Arturia with the right because having the mod wheel on the 88 at the far left edge is awkward as far a body position. It took me forever to get past the “who needs more than one keyboard” but I don’t regret it.

  4. Conductor-like platform that the chair is on… I like it better than a higher chair/stool as I have the option of having my legs on it or off. Works well if I reach over and grab a guitar to have a knee up, it rolls around better and I kinda like leaning forward sort of in a crouch for a while.

  5. Patch bay in the desk (to the right). For rarely needing to crawl around behind said desk.

  6. Alexa Dot to keep me out of trouble (Seriously). I’m constantly saying, Alexa set an alarm in studio for… Set a timer for… And listening to a few minutes of news or whatever is way less of a trap than scrolling the web “for just a couple of seconds”.


Going to borrow #6, #3. and the Throne. :wink:
Thank you!

Wall mounted 40" 4k monitor
73 key keyboard (MUCH better the 61 key)
Rack mounted PCs, audio interface and power strips
And most important, chair blocking mass of cables under the desk

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