MIDI Keyboard


I’m having some problems with my keyboard.
I’m using a M-Audio Keyrig 49 connected to USB.
But everytime i open a project in Cubase 8 or 7.5, it doesn’t work. I’ve to turn it off and on to make it work. Sometimes it just randomly stops working and have to turn it off and on again, and sometimes when i do Cubase crashes.

Any idea what causes this problem?


Perhaps a similar problem:

Thanks for the link! :smiley: but i don’t think this is my problem. Because setting the MIDI devices never does something for me.

Is the Keyrig 49 visible in your device list?

Right now it is, because it’s working now. I’ve gotta wait till the problem comes up and check if it’s still in the list. I’ll let you know! :wink:

Okay, so when i have the problem. It’s still in the device list and it’s on active. but it just doesn’t work.

Hi, what does “does not work” mean - no midi data received in cubase? (You can see that by the indicator in the trasport Panel and on the midi track when you press the “Monitor” button.

To check whether the Problem is in cubase or “outside” of it I recommend you install midiox on your System and have a look whether the data stream is reaching your machine.

Plus: Please do not Forget to check the cables. I remember when I played live - how often we searched for Software and hardware-bugs and the culprit was the cable.

Cheers, Ernst

Thanks for the reply, I’ve already checked the cables a couple of days ago, but that doesn’t seem to be the problem.
The problem came up since i’ve upgraded to 7.5, and it’s still in 8 aswel. I’ve just checked if it’s receiving any data, but it’s not. I can’t check in midiox because i’m on mac, but i’m pretty sure it’s a software issue. When i simply turn off the keyboard and turn it on again it works. Sounds like a simple fix, but it’s annoying to do that all the time. I also just tried to click the reset button in the device list, and its working after i press it. it didn’t do that before.

Hi you,

well sorry for the MidiOx recommendation. Is there any compareable Software for mac? I am asking because it is of course important to know whether it is a Driver issue or a cubase issue.

All the best!


Perhaps Midipipe will be enough to assist.

i figured it has to be a cubase issue. my mac is receiving all data, so it has to be something in cubase.