MIDI:Logical presets in Cubase 6

I just upgraded to Cubase 6 and I cant find any Logical presets in the [Midi] category. I used the double and half tempo -MIDI functions in earlier versions all the time. Are they gone in version 6 or did something happen during my installation perhaps. I upgraded fro Cubase 5 essential to Cubase 6 Artist, and later Cubase 6. If they are not here, I hope anyone have suggestions on how to perform these tasks.

Hey I just went to use one of them too and they’re all gone. Any ideas? What’s the story?

They should indeed still be there.
PC or Mac? (I can really only describe what to check on Mac, but the principle is the same on PC… maybe someone on PC could “translate” the following? :wink: )…
Do you still have your Cubase 5 Preferences folder? Your Logical Presets should be inside there (on Mac, that is “/Users//Library/Preferences/Cubase 5/Presets/Logical Edit”.
On PC, I think that is “\Users<user name\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 5\Presets\Logical Edit”.)
If they are missing from your Cubase 6 Preferences folder, just copy them from Cubase 5.

Otherwise, the Logical Edit factory presets should also be here (as part of the installation data)…
(Mac) Cubase 6.app>Package Contents>presets>Logical Edit>
On PC, I believe the equivalent is the Cubase 6 Program folder.
Anyways, they need to be copied into the destination I mentioned earlier. (Normally, the installer should have done that automatically :wink: )
I hope that can at least lead you in the right direction :wink:

Add me to the list of people that cannot find the logical presets. Can a mod chime in here? I used them all the time in Cubase 4 and want to know where I can find them.


Did you installed the latest Cubase 6 update ?



Hi Chris,

Yes, I have installed the latest version 6.0.2.

And you can add me as well. Cubase 6.02 Build 291. The Project Editor Presets are present in both the source folder and are available in the program itself, the Logical Editor presets exist in the source folder but are not available in the program.

This is not a general Cubase issue. I coudl be a installation or system problem.

In Cubase you can access the midi logical preset through the Menu Midi–> Logical Presets.

As vic pointed out, the factory logical editor presets are stored in the program folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Cubase 6\Presets\Logical Edit

Here the following folders should be located:
Added for Version 3
Note Expression
standard set 1
standard set 2

Are these Logical Edit folders on your systems in this location?
Do you realy not have the “Midi–> Logical Presets” menu entrys that I was referring to in your midi menu?


I just opened Cubase (6.02 Build 291) project page and the presets were indeed greyed out, but after opening the MIDI Editor ( followed by opening another project with Cubase open) the presets showed as normal. They are only greyed out after the initial opening of Cubase.



Aha, This is indeed the case.
The presets are grayed out if there is no midi event with actual midi data in the project. Also the midi logical editor is greyed out if you do not have a midi event with midi data in the project.

Cubase Rulez!

Hmmm…I selected the MIDI track from the arrang window as well as the MIDI Editor (there are plenty of notes) and my presets were greyed out.
What is “initial open” refered to I been running C6 for a month so the initial opening is long gone. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Any ieas? Steinberg working on this I use Logical Editor a lot !


Hi Terry,

By the “initial opening of Cubase” I meant when you open Cubase normally at any time, not the very first time.

Are you looking for the presets from inside the Logical Editor, not from the MIDI menu at the top of the page menu bar?


Edit: I had a look at the presets from inside the Logical Editor and they showed as expected. Sorry I can’t be of more help here so good luck.

Yes looking from inside the logical editor
clicking in normally what would show “Experimental” stc…
I created a preset and it recalls when I click in the box…if I knew where it stores them without searching ! I’d drag the other into that folder…

Also have a problem now with C6 on my back up Laptop…says “Application Can’t be Started”

Geez I got clients in a few days I need the logical maybe I’ll call tech support !


Hi Terry,

I don’t know if this will help you…

I did a clean install of Cubase 6 a couple of weeks ago (no earlier versions in the system) and these are the two locations the installer placed the Logical Editor presets:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Cubase 4\Presets\Logical Edit

C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Cubase 5\Presets\Logical Edit

If you ask me it’s a bit of a mess the way the installer places ‘stuff’ all over the place now :stuck_out_tongue: @Steiny



Its seems I have a similar problem. My midi logical editor has all the usual presets available, but the project logical editor shows only greyed out options in the menu. When I open the actual editor and try access any presets none show at all.

Still shows as grayed out here, too. I have selected MIDI data and tried it many times. Steiny?

Hmmm… Mauri may be on to something with the
presets being placed in different folders.
I’ll check tonight at the studio.
If so we can fix the problem without
waiting for steinberg.

We have to take into account the O/S people are using…in windows 7 there is a Logical presets folder in 2 distinct places, just not in C4 / C5 folders.but in two completely different folders at two different paths …Ill check and post :smiley:

I am still unable to apply the logical presets.

I have located the folder: http://www.danieljslewis.com/c6/logical-presets-folder.png

But the “logical presets” is still grayed d out: http://www.danieljslewis.com/c6/logical-presets-grayed.jpg

This has long since passed the point of frustration. :open_mouth:

By the looks of it (I’m on Mac here, so someone may need to confirm the necessary path on PC)… the first screenshot was taken from the Program Folder, right? In fact, that isn’t where Cubase reads them from… they have to be copied into
“\Users<user name\AppData\Roam- ing\Steinberg\Cubase 6\Presets\Logical Edit\”.
For some reason, apparently the Installer didn’t do that for you automatically.