Midi Mapping with Novation ReMOTE 25SL

Hi guys,
I have a Novation Remote 25 SL that i’m trying to map to Cubase 12. I used it with Automap but this feature is no longer supported.
The problem here is that once I mapped and defined the knobs and sliders , nothing happens in Cubase. I see the sliders and knobs move on the mapping page but nothing works in the mix console or transport .
Any help would be appreciated!


How did you map it, please?

I mapped it with the Remote Mapping Assistant in Cubase.


Could you please attach a screenshot of any assignment, which doesn’t work?

They are all mapped as shown in the screen shot, but none of them actually work./move.

Somehow the Automap function started working with Cubase’s parameters but does not work with VST plugins.


If they don’t move in the MIDI Remote GUI, the MIDI binding doesn’t work. That means, you are sending other MIDI messages, then expected. Didn’t you switch to other page or mode on the hardware by accident?

They only move in the MIDI Remote GUI, but they do not affect the actual parameters in Cubase. Whatever I assign them to, doesn’t work.


In this case the MIDI binding is working, but the action/function binding is not written correctly. If you would be willing to share the script with me (via PM), I can have a look on it.

Yes that would be great. Not sure how to share the script though…?

I’m using the Remote Zero SL. Just to ask: have you stopped/close the Automap server before run Cubase?

Hey thanks! I closed the Automap software and it works!
Since you have a similar device, which template do you use with Cubase? Mine works with the Logic template.

I created a new user template with Novation Remote Editor with simple progressive value for pots and buttons.

Nice! Also , Automap seems to be working with Cubase 12 , so that’s been a little more convenient being able to control the mixer and transport section with Novation.

Hey i was just wondering how you created a new user template and used it with the midi remote? Thanks!

I don’t use Automap at all, anymore. That’s because I use my Novation as a 2nd controller to handle several Control Room functions. So, I created a clean template for the Remote Zero SL with the ReMOTE ZeRO SL software. In this way I could create a template in Cubase to control not only the plugin with the focus on (just like Automap did), but also all the additional functions I want (monitor selections, Control Room volume, etc.).

That’s awesome. I’m trying to do the same with the Remote midi editor software, but with no success yet :frowning:

What’s the problem? Should be a no-brain task.

Would you be able explain your process of working with the novation editor software and then getting it to work with the midi remote in cubase? I’ve been unable to get them to communicate. I’m just not good at figuring this out. The novation 25sl and zero sl are identical minus the keyboard.

Watching with some interest as i have the sl61 mk2 and zero sl 2 , i understand they both need to use midi cables instead of USB for the midi controllers , thats as far as i have got , can’t get pads or buttons to work in Cubase

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I’m sorry, I read just now. I’m very busy but yes, I want to help. I’ll share my points as soon as I can. Anyway, it’s not a big deal to handle, very easy indeed.