MIDI Merge "Last Value Continues" still broken?

Just wondering if anyone else uses MIDI Merge Replace 2 - Last Value Continues.

I’m on 10.0.40 and it has been broken for me since 9.5.
I finally made a bug report here.

Just wondering if anyone has had problems with this and/or even uses it as their default MIDI merge mode.
The bug isn’t a show stopper, but has been annoying. I’ve found some inconvenient workarounds, but I guess am surprised it still exists.

The gist is that I have an Automation lane node for several CC’s on hundreds of MIDI tracks in my template to reset my external slave computers.
When I record a MIDI part, the MIDI records and performs fine, but as soon as the part region ends, the Automation lane takes over again even though there is no data since Measure 1.

Replace 2 - Last Value Continues made it so that if I record another part later on in the sequence, the CC info was carried on from where it left off on the last recorded MIDI part on that track.

Now there seems to be no difference between Replace 1 and Replace 2. It’s annyoing in the fact that if say I’m recording an over dub on on top of an already existing spiccato string part, when I reach the end of the pre-recorded part the patch flips back to longs (my default patch).
It also means that I have to ensure a dot of the CC controlling the articulation is at the beginning of every part on that track rather than just having subsequent parts be the same articulation as the first part in the track. This turns into a problem when cutting parts of a cue and the CC data for a certain region gets cut out causing the part to not play correctly.

I guess I’m surprised that it’s been bugged this long and I should have logged it sooner. Anyone else in the same boat?

no one else uses Automation lanes and Midi CC’s in the same track?