Midi Messages as Text or Signposts

I know in Sibelius (and believe in Finale?) you can make Midi Messages with texts. This has a whole range of applications, from sending special CC commands for special moments, to covering up notated versus sounding pitches/patches (like in Bob Zawalich’s Harmonics Playback plug-in, where ~midi commands are used to sound an octave higher with harmonics sound Id).

Dorico, from a design standpoint, doesn’t necessarily need to rely on the same sort of idea, which can also be quite clunky (thankfully all of the “sequencing” can be done in another page in Dorico, which is incredible and also still has more potential). However, I do find somethings like changes in notated pitch vs. performed pitch, or a quick CC mixer adjustment to be quite useful.

My question is really: is there any sort of “midi messages as text, or hidden signposts” coming up in the next versions if Dorico, and if not, could there be a way in the Play window to input notes in the sequencer that never end up in the score, and/or quickly type in CC commands with a pop-over or something?

Just throwing ideas out there, let me know what you think

For the harmonics playback, I know Dorico will eventually support harmonics playback natively, but until then I have found that using expression maps to map pitches two octaves higher (depending on the harmonic) to be useful workaround. However one still needs to manually mute the fingered harmonic notes…

Here’s a thread on playing techniques for harmonics playback that might be useful, including an excellent custom PT by fratveno -


The plan is not to have you litter the score in Write mode with MIDI data, but instead to provide one or more additional piano roll lanes in Play mode for each instrument into which you can add MIDI events, and those events won’t appear in the score. This won’t be present in the very next release, however.

This actually looks very smart and fills a gap between the DAW and the notation software. I’m sick of the Sibelius text MIDI messages (Quarter-tone playback plugin, I’m looking at you)

That would be perfect!

Perhaps another option would be to use the same midi lanes in the Play window, but a have a tool for muting certain Midi Note on/off events from the score (and thereby coloring them differently)