Midi out from Dorico

I’m running Dorico on a Mac Ventura.
Assuming it is possible i would like to send midi-data to another program
like Logic or Supercollider at the same time Dorico sends audio on the same score.
I have searched for tutorials and found some ideas here and there but not succeeded. I cant get any midi out from Dorico. I’m not very good at theses MIDI
and routing things so I gess there is something obvious i have missed.
Can someone guide me in the right direction och even better give me a detailed map?
From MAC studio i have the IAC driver enabled and have also tried Logic Pro Virtual in.


I wrote this some years ago. I’ve no idea if it still works.

I am not someone who has spent time linking from Dorico to a DAW, but from what I understand…

In addition to info in Ben’s link, I would also note the MIDI section of the VST and MIDI tab of Play mode where outside MIDI can be assigned defined and later assigned to various tracks (with the other Tab).

Thank You vey much!
Somehow I succeeded this time. It’s not the first time I read your helpful message. The Logic driver works but there is something strange about the IAC, but I only need one work so thats fine.
There is some new concepts I have to figure out but it feels god to have something going.

Thank You!
There seems to be quite a landscape to explore.
Do you know if its possible to send both MIDI and audio simultaneously
from the same “instrument” in the score?
Or is there a standard workaround?

here a post where I put a video to show what you are looking for.

  • You must have a muticlient sound card if you want to here in my case: Cubase and Dorico in the same time

Thank You!
A lot of interesting things here. I will check it out.

Just one other consideration ( don’t know what kind of things you want to syn or pilot) cause it’s not a “real” mtc. So if you want to investigate a lot of time to do that, you must know that if you pilot a vsti in dorico or one inside your daw that contains a sequence like these:

the timing is not really correct
and don’t use change tempo in Dorico during the same flow

Thank you! Good to know. You just saved me time and frustration.

As I had a little time between two courses, I re-opened the file that I know quite well:
Here’s a quick video to test:
You hear: Dorico’s beep, a xylo (always the same note) played by Kontakt loaded in Dorico and send Timecode to Cubase with TXL.
So you can also hear: cubase with a vsti UVI -drums designer with a sequence inside

vsti in cubase:

Work well!
Hope it can help you or other for a next time