TIP: Using Logic Pro as a MIDI Instrument

This may be old hat to serious MIDI types, but I thought I would outline the steps for using Logic Pro (and all it’s sample libraries) as a MIDI Instrument with Dorico. (MacOS only.)

  1. In MacOS’s Audio Midi Setup.app, show the MIDI Studio window. You should see a device called “IAC Driver”. This is Apple’s built-in device for piping MIDI from one app to another.

  2. Double-click on the the IAC Driver. You’ll get a window with a checkbox “Device is online”. Tick the box.
    You’ll need to restart Dorico now.

  3. In Logic, create a Software instrument. You now need to set the MIDI input for this. You can find loads of webpages describing “how to specify midi input in Logic”, but the steps are:

  4. Open Logic’s MIDI Environment window. Command 0. You may need to turn on MIDI in Preferences > Advanced.

  5. In the Enviroment window, click on New > Physical Input. You’ll see a graphic image of the IAC device, with little arrows for output points. Drag the top output point to the MIDI instrument strip.

  6. In Dorico’s Play mode, Create a new MIDI Instrument. Select “IAC Driver Bus 1”, as you would select a VST. Then select your MIDI Instrument in your Player, as you would a VST.

Bingo! Well, it’s working with one instrument on channel 1; further investigation for how to do multiple instruments may be needed. Let me know how you get on: I’ll supply screenshots if this isn’t clear.