midi out?

Hello, I can’t find anything about this so I assume this is not possible, but I’ll give it a shot:
is it possible to send midi data out of Dorico for synchronization with another software?

I am writing for a percussion quartet with a “sampler” (Roland SPD) that triggers real-time audio and video in Max. It would be awesome if I could send the midi out of this player “sampler” directly to Max.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s details of how to pass Dorico’s output to Logic, using MacOS.

If you’re on Windows, you might need some third-party virtual MIDI routing software of some kind.

yay! thanks so much!!
this is a big life changer for me!!

well it doesn’t seem to be working very well unfortunately
I have to wait around 30 seconds for Dorico to start the playback, and then Dorico strangely continues the playback after being stopped for another 30 seconds.

I suspect you have not disabled the IAC Bus as an input device in Preferences, so you’ve got a horrible MIDI feedback loop going on.

thanks Daniel! indeed that was my issue