MIDI output of vst plugins not possible in Cubase x64 ?


Whatever I try I can’t get the MIDI output of a vst plugin (like Blue Arp) into another MIDI track (which contains a synth). This concerns the 64bit/x64 version of Cubase for PC. In the 32bit/x86 version however everything works as it should!

Is this a know x64 bug? I couldn’t find anything about it while searching the forums.

The problem happens in both Cubase 5.5.3 and Cubase Elements 6.0.7. In the 64bit hosts I use 64bit versions of the same plugins. A perfectly working project saved in Cubase x86 doesn’t work as it should once opened in Cubase x64 because of this strange problem.

Can you confirm this problem? Is there a workaround?

Thanks for any feedback!

This is possible. I have done it with several VSTi plug-ins.
Here is how I did it…

Put the VST instrument plug-in (i.e. BlueArp) in the RACK.
Send the output to a MIDI Track and activate the MONITOR.
Put the target instrument in the RACK.
Send the output of the MIDI track to that instrument.


Thanks for your reply, jaslan.

I think you just described the standard way to connect the MIDI output of one vst plugin to the MIDI input of another. However that only worked out with 32bit plugins in 32bit Cubase, not with 64bit plugins in 64bit Cubase.
I just tried it with 32bit plugins in 64bit Cubase, by bridging the plugins with jBridge. That worked! :astonished:
Somehow Cubase isn’t able to properly handle 64bit plugin’s MIDI output. I don’t know if this is fixed in the latest releases of Cubase.


The process is the same whether using 32 bit or 64 bit plug-ins, Cubase, or any combination thereof (I am using all 64 bit) BUT some plug-ins do not play well with the bridging process. If jBridge works, that is probably the best result you will get until the plug-in that is being bridged updates to 64 bit.
I don’t think SB will spend any more time or money on the bridge.

I’ve had the same problem with jamstix 2 (32 bit): no MIDI out when using the 64bit version of Cubase Pro 8. Turns out Cubase’s 64bit VST bridge is at fault. When I switched to the jBridged version of the plugin, it worked like a charm.