MIDI port setup "Rescan" button on Windows version


I don’t know if this changed from 7 to 8, but I suppose it didn’t. When I’m working in Cubase for Windows and I connect new USB-MIDI equipment, there’s no way to use it without restarting Cubase.

There was a discussion here: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=182&t=20518 , some arguments were pretty much relevant. Some devices use a lot of power, raise temperature in studio and are not useful in all situations. Restarting Cubase with large session can last for few minutes and the inspiration can disappear :wink: . Also the Mac users have more “privileges” here, as new devices are scanned “on the fly”.

All the C7 feature requests topics are closed now, so I created a new topic here. There are IMO two solutions:

  1. “Rescan” button (probably in Device setup -> MIDI Port Setup)
  2. Scanning everything “on the fly” - the same way as in Cubase for Mac.

Kamil Baranski

Hi kamilbaranski,

I’m trying to keep the topics for this same feature request all nice and tidy. :wink:

So here is a link to the latest request. Feel free to support it.



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Sorry, didn’t notice there’s a discussion about it (I did use “search”, but for different keywords :wink: ). I wrote a post in the other thread. Please, delete this thread here :slight_smile: . (I assume you have moderator privileges?) Thank you!