MIDI problems

Hi, I’m new with Cubasis 3. This are the issues I’ve seen:

  1. I tried to import MIDI packs to an specific flie/folder but all of them goes to the same MIDI flie/folder. No matter if I leave open the new created file to where those MIDI packs are supposed to go to.
  2. Deleting a hole file its impossible, I’ve selected the file I want to get rid of but the erase button doesn’t light up.
  3. Cubasis get freeze constantly, it’s a headache.
  4. The Inter-app sometimes recognizes other apps and other times it don’t.
    I’ll appreciate every help you can hand me, thanks in advance. Gerardo Reyes

Hi @reyesrodriguez1114,

Thanks for your message.

Re. 1. Please give it a try to transfer the files into the “MEDIA/MIDI/My MIDI Files” directory. Or tap the “NEW FOLDER” button to create a new folder to transfer the files to. You should be able to transfer the files within the Cubasis app, or the Apple Files app.

Re 2. Please make sure that the file to be deleted is not selected or loaded (e.g. a Project). Then there should be no issues to delete the file.

Re 3. Please try to close all running apps, including Cubasis followed by shutting down the iOS device. Does Cubasis run as expected once you’ve relaunched the app and device?

Re 4. Apple released AU support many years ago, which can be seen as their successor of IAA, which comes with many limitations and issues. You may give it a try to first launch the stand alone app version of the IAA apps you plan to use within Cubasis. Nevertheless, we recommend to use AU plug-ins where possible…

Hope that helps!