MIDI refresh function?

Currently using 8.0.1.
Didn’t see the need to upgrade…

I was wondering if the later versions included MIDI-refresh for master keyboards and/or plug-in devices.

I still can’t believe Cubase doesn’t offer this function.

Sometimes, I forget to turn my MIDI keyboard before turning on my Cubase. And I think it’s pretty reasonable to ask for a refresh button that re-scans MIDI devices without having to restart the whole sequencer. Which is such an inconvenience.

Even the lightest DAWs like FL Studio has this function.

Just saying…

I agree, it gets very frustrating at times, turning things on and off and restarting everything… You should post this in the “Suggestions” area…


Exactly… please support this request. Also, read through the thread. There is a workaround listed that apparently works. I never tried it but maybe you want to give it a shot.


Regards. :sunglasses: