MIDI Remote API - UI focus feedback

Can the new MIDI Remote API trigger MIDI commands in response to opening different windows?
An example use case:

  • Opening or bringing in focus the key edit window sends a MIDI command to Metagrid on iPad, which switches to a grid containing key editor commands.

Looking at the programmers guide I don’t think there is, I can only see EditorOpenValue which is most likely to be the state of the channel editor (‘e’ button), as it sits next to InstrumentOpenValue in the documentation - which is the VSTi display state.

And those aren’t triggers, it’s a continuous state that you can query.

Thanks @skijumptoes. Then I guess this is my feature request.

That feeds into questions I was having as well. @skijumptoes couldn’t find it, and neither could I. What I wanted then is to be able to set the key with a button press (or two actually) I couldn’t find that in C11, and it doesn’t look like it is in C12 either.

if it were, and you could do multiple actions in a callback, then you could send sysx to the device, and perform DAW actions.

I also can’t find a way to save variable values between button presses. So doing actions on two presses would be impossible.

So far, I’m supper confused with the API, as how callbacks are configured, and how DAW actions are bound. I am rather embarrassed, but likely my expectations are not in line with reality, and that has me confounded.

I’m looking to use MIDI Remote and while I’ve checked the MIDI Devices and Pro manuals, I don’t see the option to open Remote in the lower zone. I’ve also clicked the gear setup to show all available options. Tried creating MIDI device and still nothing. What’s the User Error here?

Hello @John_Ehlers and welcome to the forum.

Are you using Cubase 12? It’s a new feature. If so, sorry, I had to ask.

Please have a look at the Key Commands section in the Functions Browser. There is a huge amount of commands that you can trigger via MIDI Remote. Maybe there you’ll find what you’re asking for.

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I think John just doesn’t see MIDI Remote in the lower pane

Yes, I’m on Cubase Pro 12. I 'll check the key commands section in the Functions browser, too. So far though, strangely, I don’t see the MIDI Remote yet in the lower zone. But I don’t have any MIDI Device connected except for my Novation Impulse 25 keyboard.

No option for MIDI Remote in the lower zone neither in the tabs or in the selection menu.

@John_Ehlers Do a Cubase safe mode start and disable prefs. Does the tab show up?

Thanks Steve. Still nothing.

Is there something in my install I didn’t do? I installed all recommended but not optional stuff.

@John_Ehlers Have you seen this post?

Thanks for sending, skijumptoes. I turned off Windows 11 Anti-Virus and related security stuff. Reinstalled with Download manager. Still the same. Tried restarting without preferences, too. Strange.

You’re not having to run or install as admin user are you? That can weird issues too.

Curious, Does MIDI Remote folder appear in documents\steinberg\cubase folder on your machine?

Also, Is your documents folder in standard location?
i.e. C:\Users[Username]\Documents\Steinberg\Cubase\MIDI Remote

Just wondering what else could be causing this for you. :frowning:

I have empty folder but it’s there.

So looks like something occurred when writing to that folder perhaps?

I really don’t know how to fix though, sorry. Can you think of anything non-standard in regard to your documents folder, or applications that maybe protect areas of your drive that could be blocking the installation from placing folders where it needs?

Thanks for your help though. I’ll keep trying.

I have MIDI Remote now showing on lower zone. BUT the only thing I did differently was remove some VST instruments (old Basic, SE and Artist versions) using Library Manager. Then I restarted Cubase Pro 12 and it showed.