MIDI Remote lose assigned commands after 12.0.50 update

I 've created a custom MIDI Remote map with Mapping Assistant and it was working pretty much as expected.
AFAIK there are two files that MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant creates: one that represent the Midi Hardware (into the Local File of Driver Script) and one for the assigned commands “HARDWARE’S NAME_globalmappings” (into the User Settings file).
As soon as I installed the 12.0.50 update and then run Cubase, the globalmappings file have been overwritten by an empty map and lost all of my custom assignments (of course I 've a back-up).

Is there any procedure to follow, so that I will not have to redo every assignment from the beggining?

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I feel like struggling on my own here. I rolled back to 12.0.40 version and the map worked fine again. I exported the working map as a midiremote format and deleted the old relevant files. I installed 12.0.50 again and import the new map but, Cubase re-overwrittes with an empty map the newly created globalmappings file.
Please, I believe I deserve some help or a comment from the admins.

Hi @doriosypos, please provide your “.midiremote” and your “HARDWARE’S NAME_globalmappings” file you created with Cubase 12.0.40. I will have a look.

Here is the link to download the files


Thank you.

Hi @doriosypos, unfortunately I cannot import the".midiremote" in Cubase 12.0.50.


I’ll try it again with 12.0.40…

Sorry @doriosypos , in Cubase 12.0.40 you provided “.midiremote” file doesn’t work either.
Please provide the original javascript-file instead (or json-file if created using the Surface Editor).

I did. Please use the same link to download it

Hi @doriosypos,

there are several issues here. Some of them are on the Cubase-side.
You have to define a proper names for your DeviceDriver object

var deviceDriver = midiremote_api.makeDeviceDriver(
   /*'behringer' =>*/'Behringer',
   /*'bcf2000' =>*/ 'BCF2000',

The three naming parts of the DeviceDriver are identifying it. This is especially important regarding loading/saving user mappings.
The file “…globalmappings.json” will have a different hash as part of its file name.

The given vendor name must be written exactly like the already known one, if already known (if part of the list when hitting the BIG PLUS button).

I am using this map for at least 3 updates and never had a problem before. Even that I didn’t write the script (I do not know how), I do understand that my name goes there, but I didn’t care because everything was working fine…

At the end, do I have to reassign everything from scratch?

Hi @doriosypos,

You should create your mappings inside the Script to be on the safe side.
I see your issue is real and I can reproduce it on my side, but don’t have a solution yet.
Let me investigate a bit, ok?

I do not see how to, I m not a programmer.

Thank you for your effort.

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Or you recreate it only using the Surface Editor. But then you wouldn’t be able to make use of Control Layer Zones (the top 8 knobs)

Sorry to jump in here, are you saying unless you’re a programmer you can’t use the layers on the QC ?

No, never said that.

I do not understand what you are talking about. Which knobs are these 8 knobs?

The top-most 8 rotary Knobs. I believe there is the “encoder group” feature on the BCF2000 to switch between 4 groups of 8 knobs. The BCR2000 has them, I don’t have the BCF, so I am just guessing here.

I see what you mean and you are right. Using Surface Editor I 'll have to create these 4 four groups as a 4 row encoders and 4 row push-encoders, I know, I ve been there. Ok, thanks again.

Any progress about this issue?

Not yet