Midi remote question

Hello. Trying to rephrase my question in a way that will get more answers.
I created a script for my Nektar Impact LX88
Within that script I created a mapping page for my Hammond B-3x plugin. Not Quick control cuz i need more than 8 controllers. Works great.
When I open another project, if I select the B-3x mapping page, all the cc info in the mapping assistant says “missing”. The only mapping that transfers properly is one for a Kontakt instrument.
It’s not a “global vs project” setting, I tried that.
I thought the whole point was that once created, the midi remote recalls the settings for any instrument you open. What am I missing folks?
Thanks in advance.

I guess you’re talking about the NEKTAR IMPACT LX88(+). :laughing:

Mine was totally screwed up with the 12.0.10 update. Waiting for a new update that will fix the MIDI Remote issues introduced.

I don’t wanna impose, but would you care to expand a bit on “completely screwed up”?
Are you experiencing the same symptoms I’m describing?

And yes I meant Nektar. I’m just tired is what it is :confused:

Hi, I created a MIDI Remote for the LX88+ on Cubase 12.0.0.
After the update none of my controllers is recognized, they always show “Controller Offline/missing” or something to that effect.

So I’ll wait for another update before diving deeper “MDI Remote” and use “Generic Remote” instead.

That’s one of the major problems with the new MIDI Remote. Mappings made like that are direct to the specific track and instrument/insert slot. Meaning that if you duplicate that track, add a new instance, or use in a different project - you won’t have control of the plugin, as the mapping is hard linked to the original. (i.e. Track 1 | Slot 1.)

With the previous generic remote you could map to the ‘selected track’ which means you map an instrument once and it would recall when used on other tracks. This isn’t perfect as it doesn’t work with inserts unless they are always used in the same slot order. (i.e. Selected Track | Slot 1) But, for instruments in your use case it would work.

Basically, in this regard the MIDI Remote is worse than what we had before, I don’t know if it’s something they are going to fix - but looks to me to be a bolt on of the existing generic remote, and will end up messy and restrictive due to this approach of addressing on a per track, per slot basis. It’s really archaic.

The focused quick controls seems to be the only hope, for example, if they add paging or extend the number of focused quick controls based on the hardware setup - But can’t see that happening, mainly as they’re tied down to the underlying code which is being bolted on to.

In regards to what you want to do - Seeing this slot mapping method from the existing generic remote - I think they’ve shot themselves in the foot already.

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Thanks for that info. That’s disappointing. I wonder then why it remembers the Kontakt mapping? It’s not quick control either, so I’m unclear as to why it does transfer to new files but other instruments don’t. Maybe someone can chime in on that.
Maybe a possible fix for Strindberg could be an option to export and import the mapping pages as “profiles” of sort.
It is strange that such a powerful concept would be relegated to merely adding a gui to what my controller has been doing out of the box for many years now. I would think tha re-mapping an instrument each time one opens a new project will dissuade users from making midi remote part of their workflow.

It may be because your kontakt instrument is always on the same track perhaps?

I’ve not tried it out a great deal on the new MIDI Remote, as for me it’s a totally pointless method of mapping - until they add the selected track method, anyway.

But I’d imagine it’d be some reason like that. Or it’s possible you’re mapping the same parameters that the quick controls are, and just not aware? But you’d see that in the mapping descriptions if they refer to a track/slot reference or not.

This is discussed elsewhere. It would be great if the Midi Remote mappings could be class specific instead of instance specific. i.e. it should work the way you, and everyone else, expects it to work!

This should be a feature request.

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Hey great news on this. The C12.0.2 update released today now allows the ‘selected track’ toggle within the mapping assistant.

Simply learn to the plugin, and then select all the mappings-
Set to Global (G), and Focus: Selected Track

Bingo! It works! :slight_smile:

Edit: Just realised you don’t have to set it to global as “selected track” will toggle it for you.


Indeed. Thanks to all who contributed and to Steinberg for listening

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