MIDI Remote sending delayed (and incorrect) messages to my controllers

Maybe this fits to the same topic: Bug Cubase V12.0.52 Build393 Win10: Midi Remote sends wrong/old data

If you use a MIDI monitor and monitor what messages get sent and received it’ll become a lot clearer.
There are issues with feedback, delayed messages, and also there is a rounding bug causing some values to never return the correct value (I have documented my findings and I do believe Steinberg acknowledged it some months ago, but I can’t recall by now).

I am a bit surprised we’ve not heard or seen anything regarding this, and I really hope we won’t have to wait for the next paid release of Cubase to get this fixed…but on the other hand… by now I’d be okay paying as long as they can assure us that the Midi Remote will be usable.


This is my post from back in July (wow) about the MIDI rounding bug, and this might be what is causing you to get incorrect values possibly:

But this is not a bug. Casting to integer always cut of the decimal places. If you want rounding then casting is the wrong message. In javascript there should rounding available.

It is a bug.
The intended behavior from Cubase is to return a rounded value, but the bug is that they are casting and not rounding.
My examples show the issue and problems it causes.

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Hi guys, does anyone know when using a controller is it possible to reset a plugin parameter to default value by pressing the encoder switch? I’m sure this used to work but don’t see that behaviour at the moment.


I did this by mapping both knob and button of a push encoder to the parameter, and setting the button min and max values to 50% (or whatever you want your default to be). And it must be in jump mode.
Worked in this case, but I don’t think there is a generic set to default for quick controls etc. Maybe it can be done in a script.

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Thanks @Alec_Mackay I’ll give that a go.

@Shor we finally have some progress - Cubase/Nuendo 13 now have API v1.1 with touch fader support!

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Thanks for the ping :slight_smile:
It’s nice to see some more news regarding MIDI stuff, I hope this means they’ll keep working on the current issues.

Once I see some news where the specific problems are addressed I will likely jump on Cubase 13 again.