MIDI resolution of Cubasis?

I just got an iPad Air (hooray!) and am looking for a DAW. I looked at several a year or so ago and the one problem I seemed to find was that the MIDI data would be severely filtered. What is the resolution of MIDI recorded into Cubasis? I want to use an EWI4000s wind controller which produces a fairly dense stream of MIDI CCs.


First of all your observations with the current version are correct :wink:
Full CC support is in the making right now and coming soon :smiley: . Please see the following topic below:

Thanks for the quick response.

The problem I found with a different iOS app was that it would recognize dense MIDI CC data when playing live but discard most of it when recording. This is an image comparing the CC data it recorded (upper box, very sparse) vs. a PC sequencer (lower box, dense).


Will Cubasis record the amount of CC data in the lower box of the image?


I hope the following Information sheds some light:

MIDI specifies a transfer rate of 32150 Baud, that means 32150 bits / second, so that is the maximum number of data that can come in. Cubasis will receive all data and also process it, but when putting it into the project it has to be quantized to a certain grid. Currently Cubasis’ grid is 48 units per beat or 1/192 note.

Thanks, that’s very helpful. Essentially a PPQ of 48 (and doubling the tempo would, in theory, boost that to 96). In a PC sequencer at 48 PPQ whether or not the sound is smooth or contains artifacts seems to depend on the synth. I’m hopeful about Micrologue, most of what I do sounds Moogish – for many years my go-to VST was Steinberg’s Model-E.

So, about the “full CC support.” What I want to do is to assign CC#2 to Micrologue’s filter cutoff for real-time control and recording. Will that be possible?

With “full CC support” I meant everything will be recorded and available for editing in midi tracks. External controllers are not yet part of the Cubasis concept since it mainly explores the touchscreen for input. We can not say what the future will hold though :wink:

Thanks for your understanding.

So, no MIDI learn?

I assume Micrologue can be controlled by an iOS compatible keyboard so it must, at a minimum, accept note, velocity and modulation MIDI data?

I got Cubasis yesterday and, yes, I can control Micrologue’s filter cutoff with my EWI4000s wind controller.

I have to remap CC#2 to CC#1 with an external converter box and assign the modulation wheel to cutoff in Micrologue, but that’s not a big difference from the workarounds hardware synths require. The more things change, the more they stay the same. :wink:

If MIDI learn is part of that future I’ll be ecstatic, but I’m happy to see it’s workable as it is. Micrologue has very smooth filter sweep response for an iOS synth.

Thanks for all the help.

i m very desapointing to learn that the midi resolution is so low we are in 2014…1/192 kill a piano sond watherver the app you have.

i hope you wont leave things the way they are in comparason , garage band ( that i hate ) ha praticly 500 /1 ( approximatly )
i realy dont understand the wiew of steinbeirg , one of the major kill a play in 192/ 1 .People try to make decent piano sond for the ipad and then you cut in 192 piaeces…

Can a technical support team member would like to help me : tell me IF and WY cubasis as only a resolution of 192/1 ? i work on a musical projet made with only my ipad air . at 45 bpm a piano track sond very robotic .Double the tempo befor recording would give me 384 and would be decent i suppose but my track is done .IT was a improvisation and im afraid of loose the magic …the only thing i would see is to play my track in cubasis recording the midi a 90 bpm in garage band ( it works ) and the replay and record in cubasis at 90 bpm but its impossible that way for a unknow reason.

can someone would help me ?


Unfortunately, at the moment a higher resolution is not possible without a big overhaul in the engine.
However, we have this on our request list.

Just curious if we have any update on the MIDI resolution. I do a lot of MIDI and 48 PPQ does not really cut it for me. Right now, I only use audio materials due to low PPQ. Hoping to have it upgraded in Cubasis v2.x. Thanks, -Fled

Hi fied,

Cubasis’ MIDI resolution is unchanged for now.


It’s been 3 years since the last post, so I’'ll bring this subject up again. Any chance version 3.0 will have a higher midi ppq?


That’s great news! Can you give an estimation on when version 3.0 will be released and what we can expect the new ppq to be?

Hi Ciro824,

New features or versions are announced once they become available.
But it is on our list and will come…


I hope the ppq is at least 192, that was the ppq when I was using Cubase in 1991 and it did work for groove quantizing, just worked, 96 would have been too coarse. Some basic groove quantizing would also be great. My favorite default go to groove quantizing is every off beat 16th note back by one tick at 192 ppq, it’s basically negative swing, the swing defined by most products like Roland or the Linn Drum where it first started. Thanks