MIDI reverse latency?!

Been using Cubase 6 for years and in the last year I’ve noticed all my MIDI parts have this weird reverse latency. I can record a part on my keyboard completely in time, but when I play it back, all of the notes are ahead of the beat by a fraction (but a very noticeable fraction) of a beat. I can copy and move them all since it seems to happen consistently across all notes, but that’s super cumbersome and not precise to what I played anyway.

I have not changed any settings with the MIDI source or keyboard so I can’t figure out how this started happening, nor do I see a way to change settings in Cubase. The latency numbers listed with the driver have also not changed in years. The MIDI device setup looks to be in order.

Help! I can’t really record any keyboard parts until this is solved. At least not efficiently.


Is this your case?

Oh wow, that’s a great resource. Thanks @Martin.Jirsak
I went through a few of those steps though and still no change…