Midi routing / PLE / automation - hacking question

I wonder, if it might be possible, to route the key pitch of a MIDI track to an automation track/lane.
It would be nice to - for example - experiment with a cutoff-filter controlled by the pitch of another a midi track.
Scaling aside, some ookind of conversion would be needed, every vst interprets the parameter range of its cutoff automation different, I could manage to handle that.
I’m simply looking for any ideas, how to get the note pitch, convert it in to some number and use it as automation values.
I don’t see a way to do this at the moment, but maybe someone knows a smart trick, plugin or macro, that could help to do something similar.

cheers :slight_smile:


You cannot route it to the Automation track, but you can change a MIDI Controller Value based on the Pitch. Then you can either change the MIDI Channel (if the other sound is on the same VSTi, but other MIDI Channel) or to use MIDI Sends to send it to other MIDI destination.

If you want to send it to an Audio track, use any 3rd party virtual MIDI cable to send the transformed MIDI data out and back in. Then use for example Quick Controls to control the Plug-in parameter from the (virtual) MIDI.

Ah, yeah, very nice. That’s pretty much exactly what I’m looking for, I have no idea yet how to do it exactly, but I will find out.

Thanks a lot, this will be fun :slight_smile:

I got this working for serum now, i rewrite all notes to cc 102, do some math on it so the parameter range fits into two octaves and have serum as output routing. Serum can midi learn, so I just did that on one of its macros and its set to cc102 opening/closing the filter when I hit some keys.

I can’t get it to work with Massive X though, since MX can’t midi learn or assign CCs to macro knobs. So I midi-learned one of the quick-controls, but that doesn’t do anything.
Long story short, I have questions:
Output routing of a midi-track is going directly into the VST-Intrument, not the corresponding instrument track? So am I right assuming that any midi-magic I try to do on the instrument track has no effect? I tried to send my data to CC16 (quick control 1), there was nothing happening though.
How can I get Massive X to read my data? I tried to configure a general remote, that also didn’t do much.

I’m very grateful for any hint where to look. (native instruments doesn’t seem to bother implementing midi learn :frowning: * insert massive rant about native instruments here *)


The output routing is routed to the input of the MIDI/Instrument track, not to Cubase’s input.

The reason is, the Quick Controls are handled before all tracks. From outside, the MIDI data are coming to Cubase, then Cubase do the Remote Device, Track/VST Quick Controls, routing and then it MIDI are sent to the tracks. But if you send it directly to the tracks, the Track/VST Quick Controls are not taking in account. You would need to send the MIDI data out of Cubase and back to Cubase from outside world (by using any Virtual MIDI Cable).

It seems, using any kind of Virtual MIDI Cable is the only way.

Thanks Martin, that did help a lot, I learned some more details about how Cubase works its data internally. I’ll give the virtual midi approach a try.