MIDI slightly glitching when opening closing windows during playback

so far I only noticed this happening on mac,
MIDI slightly glitching when opening closing windows during playback.


MIDI is the set of data. Could you be more specific, please? Where are the MIDI data routed to? Is there a glitch in the MIDI data stream, or can you hear a glitch in the generated audio (Virtual Instrument or hardware synth)?

sorry by “midi” I meant tracks that use virtual instruments


Thank you for the clarification Does it mean the MIDI data is corrupted? Or is there a glitch in the generated audio signal?

Could you try to increase the Buffer Size?

Btw, if the editor is not open is the track Record enabled? Once you open the editor, is the record enabled to the editor?

I get a similar thing happening when I change the selection of tracks in the project.

For example; let’s say I have a beat playing with some synths playing. When I select a track that’s playing, the audio glitches for a split second. Sometimes only. It depends on the timing of the track selection. If I select the track at the same time a note is playing, it will glitch.

Strange cos I never noticed this prior to the 10.30 release…

Not a huge deal but I figured I’d mention it while we’re on the subject.


This is caused by the switch from non- to real time mode. By default once you select a track, the Record Enable becomes switched on. So the track switched to the real-time to be able to get an input (from your MIDI keyboard in case of Instrument track). Once you deselect the track, it switches back and the delay compensation is applied (so the signal is shifted a bit).

I hope I explain it understandable way.

Here’s your issue:

This is happening when the “Record Enable” button is disengaged. It cuts off the sound of the current midi notes being played.

This needs a hotfix!!

Martin, Can you head over to the thread and see if you can reproduce it. I would appreciate it. Thanks!

The glitches and drop-out are everywhere in Cubase Pro 10.

Here are just some of the things that are causing audio drop out during playback.
Solo/Unsolo Track (MIDI, Audio) = drop out or timing glitch.
Listen Bus – enable/disable on track = drop out or timing glitch.
Mute/Unmute track = drop out or timing glitch.
Select New Track = drop out or timing glitch.
Enable/Disable Channel Strip items = drop out or timing glitch.
Bypass/Unbypass plug-in = drop out or timing glitch.

I have my buffers set conservatively. All system files and drivers are up to date. Preferences have been reset. Nothing corrects this. As it is now. because of the drop-oust and timing glitch all over the place, production and mixing is all but impossible in Cubase Pro 10.

In short, nearly every move causes a drop-out or timing glitch. This was an issue in Ver Pro 9 and Pro 9.5, but got worse with Pro 10 and is even now worse with Pro 10.0.3.

Come to think of it, it wasn’t happening in 10.0.20.

I was using a heap of instrument tracks and it didn’t happen.

So I’m gonna say this is a new thing introduced in 10.0.30.

For me it was happening from very first version of cubase 10.
Wasn’t happening in cubase 8.

This has nothing to do with buffer size.
Midi data isn’t corrupted because this happens in all projects in cubase 10.
Didn’t notice if any tracks were record enabled , probably were because everytime I click a track it gets record enabled automatically.

But like I said before.
It wasn’t happening in cubase 8, only cubase 10

Strange to me it was happening before 10.0.30, since very first version of 10

Hmm, but how come it’s only happening in cubase 10 but not in 8, 7 and older ones ?
Must be new but in version 10