Midi-stretching and -compressing - by dragging

Hi friends,

would’nt it be gorgeous, if midi-parts were also stretchable and compressable - similar to audio-parts?I Yes, it’s possible to stretch and compress midi-data with the logical editor, which is pretty complicated. Being able to resolve that via the GUI - just dragging the event borders - would be a lot more fun.

Don’t you think so? :wink:

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You can do that now, pretty much the same as with audio. Select the Arrow Tool variant for “Sizing Applies Time Stretch” and use it to change the size of the MIDI Part.

You’re right! Just approved it in Cubase v.10. Is there such a function for Cubase 9.5, too? I looked for it, but didn’t find it there. It’s that I prefer to work with v9.5. Thanks for answering.

It’s been in Cubase for a very long time.

You mean: IT IS

If I understand correctly, you can only do this on a midi part ?
I really would like to have this IN the (piano roll) editor - as Ableton Live does.

Side question : could you implement this with the logical editor ?
<select notes , chose desired result range> -> notes (starting points) moved & length adapted adapted …

@JohJoh You can’t really do it in the Key Editor. You have to split the midi part in the project window above.

  1. Press 2 to get the range tool (or aim for the upper part of MIDI part if you have the smart tool enabled), select what you want.
  2. Press Shift-X (Cut Range)
  3. Press 1 some times to go to Sizing Applies Time Stretch, grab the midi part’s bottom right handle and stretch.
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Thanks for the tip.

It’s really strange you can’t do that in the midi editor - as a specialised editor it should provide the best tools for manipulating midi data.
And although your solution works, it can’t handle the situation where you would like to change the timing one or more lines within the part, and leave other untouched . (in ableton you can make any selection of notes, not forced to select a specific timeframe nor pitch-frame …)

I hope they consider implementing this - because I love the rest of midi support in Cubase !!

Sure! It’s very useful to have.


Why is this not in Cubase! I need quintuplets and septuplets.