Midi tempo detection does not adapt to edits


Has anyone else experienced the following problem?

I record a rhythmically fairly straightforward track via midi.

I use midi tempo detection.

The resulting tempo track is generally good, but there’s one point where my tempo varied a bit where the tempo track ends up skipping a beat and picking up again when my tempo re-establishes itself (which is normal and no problem).

I want to drag the barline onto the beat where the tempo varied, and for the detection algorithm to adapt the remainder of the track to the new input, as with audio tempo detect. Instead I get a major tempo change that skews the whole thing and the edited barline does not correspond to where I tried to move it with my mouse.

If I undo, the first undo seems to undo the work of the detection algorithm, since I get the barline edit I was originally trying to make, but without any change in the remainder of the tempo track. Obviously this just duplicates the functionality of the normal ‘offline’ drag barline feature. If this keeps happening (which it usually does), I have to edit every subsequent barline in the track manually. I’ve tried splitting clips and getting the detection going on the remainder, but the same thing tends to happen again.

A point here is that this does not happen with the audio tempo detection feature… even if I don’t get the exact results I was after, at least it doesn’t take the barline edit way off.

Screenshots from a Cubase 8.0.5 project are attached. The loosely played keyboard line is well-detected until bar 43, at which point it starts to go off (screenshot 1). I have attempted to drag barline 43 forward (visually) to match the start of the nearest note. The result can be seen in screenshot 2. Undo-ing results in what you see in screenshot 3, with the rest of the tempo map unchanged.

Looking forward to seeing if this can be confirmed as an issue.


Midi tempo screenshots.png