Midi tempo detection still doesn't adapt to edits

Hi all,

I posted the following issue report in Feb this year:


It got moved to the misc section of the forum - not sure why - but I notice that there is no improvement in the situation with the new update so I am posting the problem again.

Does anyone actually use the midi tempo detection feature? If so, surely you have experienced the following fundamental issue?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a Cubase project and a midi track (with an instrument if you want to hear the results. I’ve been testing with Halion SE and AAS Lounge Lizard Session).

  2. Record a midi part in with rhythmic but not metronomically precise timing.

  3. Use Project>Tempo detection

Tempo detection should detect pretty well for most of it, but it may be unable to interpret a loosely played section. If this happens:

  1. (whilst still in tempo detection mode) attempt to drag a barline onto the start of a note.

Result: Usually something drastic and unhelpful happens. I find that the barline doesn’t go where requested, and the rest of the track deviates significantly from both the tempo of the midi track and Cubase’s original detection attempt, making the tempo track pretty much useless. This means that midi tempo detection is only useful if you happened to luck out the first time and the auto-detected tempo track needed no editing.

As I mentioned in my original post, if you undo from this point you get your original barline drag, but the remainder of the tempo track is unchanged, implying there is a problem with the re-triggering of the auto-detection process.

For screenshots please see my original post. That was done in the first release of Cubase 8 Pro, but I have just reproduced it in 8.0.20.

My system:

Win 8 64bit.
TC Konnekt 48
Intel i7-2600k 3.4ghz 4 core (8 vitual cores)
16 gb ram

Please, someone confirm this issue! I’d love this feature to work as designed. I fear it is little used, which may explain why this has gone unacknowledged. (Please let me know if this was flagged elsewhere, I couldn’t find any mention when I searched).

Yours hopefully,


Yes I’m finding that if I copy multiple parts with the tempo detection track on, stems and parts move around. Why?