midi timing is still not good

so this topic is still valid, but ignored.


I agree 100%. Every time I’m having a keyboard player or electronic drum track to record, I live in dread of what the next few hours will bring.

I sit there with experienced players with good timing, and they’re saying ‘that isn’t how I just played it’. And they are right. So every take is followed by a bout of quantizing and manual shifting of individual notes. So embarrasing / so unnecessary…and results in really wooden feel.

We have lived with this very poor ‘feature’ for so many years now. No amount of changing ‘timestamp’ settings makes any difference for me.

Been like it through more than half a dozen high-spec PCs and a similar number of audio and MIDI interfaces - some USB, some FireWire. Been like it through at least 5 major versions of Windows…32 or 64 bit Windows 7 also makes no difference. Interestingly I seem to remember that my (more than ten year) old rack mount Music Quest 8-port SE parallel-based MIDI-only device appeared to show much better timing than current generation of audio/MIDI interfaces. But of course, once they went bust, there were no more recent-OS drivers for that unit…

A few times I have started to think that it was me that was the problem…but a 30 second install of Reaper shows that I’m not going mad. Sonar has always seemed to be rock-solid with MIDI timing too.

Come on you Steinberg coders, there is no excuse for this basic functionaility being so flaky.

It’s not like you can’t reproduce it…

I was noticing this back around 2004 or before.

I basically don’t listen to recorded live midi input anymore, because it always results in a “I don’t think I played it like that, did I?” thought.

I always apply a process to the midi that varies between quantise, manual adjustment, and randonisation.

+1, like to see this improved. Both external and internal. Also Midi Clocks syncing too.


Not sure if I’m affected by this but noting 2004-ish isn’t that about the time they changed the Priority settings?
They used to have 4 settings and then reduced it to just two (Midi / audio). And that is about the time posts on this subject became more evident.

ps :mrgreen: : I do know rather a lot of guitarists who, even when tape was king, always said “That’s not the way I played it.” and continued to do scores of takes.

I would rather think latency of the ASIO driver causing those timing problems!?

The midi timing problem we experienced with Cubase is that the real time midi playback isn’t consistent (export ís though). I doubt keyboard players would notice those little artifacts in midi timimg, because we are talking about milliseconds. Unless they are robots of course :wink:


no problems here or other reports world wide. No need to start a new topic. A small bumb would be enough.